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I dedicate this retablo with my image for the miracle of the Miraculous Virgin because thanks to her I won the lottery and went to a doctor who removed a very ugly wart from my face. Also, I’ve bought a toupée for my bald spot and have lost 3 pounds from more than hundred I’m overweight.

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Thank you, Virgin, because you made me with light eyes. Thanks to that they let me in the clubs right away, I got a nice job and have a lot of chicks. Not like my poor brother whom you made with dark eyes.

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Give me strength, Saint Jude, to get in a good shape with the exercise.

Eva Limon

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I had a very low self-esteem because I had no butt. My friends were laughing at me lacking curves and were giving me nicknames. I thank Saint Charbel because I managed to save enough money for my implants. Now I feel myself very attractive with my new butt, my friends are jealous of me and I have a lot of suitors.

Leonor Lara — Iztapalapa, Mexico City

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I’m thanking Saint John Bosco with this simple retablo because my girl friends don’t know my secret. They are so beautiful, and I lied them that I’m a gay to be near them. In this way I can stay with them all day, gawking at them, hugging them, and they don’t suspect that they attract me.

Javi Valencia
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

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Venus, goddess of love & beauty to keep me inspired and passionate. Never let me forget to notice the wondrous beauty all around me.

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When I was 15 years old, I was very much worried about my appearance. One day I was walking down the street near a troop of soldiers. The officer saw me and ordered: “Eyes right!” And they all turned their heads in my direction! Since then I have lost all my complexes. Thanks to my Guardian Angel for sending me this officer.

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I love enjoying the life and my youth. That’s why I use my beauty to date three men at the same time. I thank Saint Catherine, with this retablo, because not one of them knows about this, so I can keep enjoying gifts and pamper they give me.

Erika N.

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I thank Saint Thomas Aquinas with this retablo for Adrienne Barbeau’s talent and beauty. Also, I thank him for keeping her safe during a difficult film shooting in the swampy waters full of snakes and insects.

Fernando Rivera — Mexico City

My sister and I went to the capital to study in the university but we needed money to cover our expenses. We took advantage of our beauty and started working as dancers in a night club where the pay is very good. We thank Saint Bruno for our parents don’t know about it because they would get angry and make us return to the village.

Josefina and Raquel S. ~ Guadalajara, Jalisco

Thank you Virgin because I came well thought the surgery on my boobies.

Sara Vaquedano

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Since I have a good body, a friend of mine invited me to work at his club as a stripper. I accepted the offer because I’d earn very good money this way. One night I was frightened to see one of my aunts in the first row. My family didn’t know what I was doing. I thank Saint Michael the Archangel because my aunt agreed to keep my secret and I promised not to tell about the places she loves to visit.

Ricardo M. ~ Guadalajara, Jalisco

When I was a child, I was very insecure because of my obesity. Other kids joked about me, and it made me more depressed so I kept eating and gaining more weight. I thank Saint Clare for making me to reconsider my life and straighten it. With exercises and willpower, I’ve become a healthy and confident man, and even got lucky with women.

Leopoldo Carranza \ Tijuana, Baja California