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The young man Enrique Lozano accidentally shot an arrow in the buttock of his neighbor. He thanks Saint James because the wound wasn’t very serious and he was forgiven. He promises to be more careful.

Susana Huerta was taken by a fetish of being spanked by her boyfriend. But the day after she couldn’t sit. She thanks Saint Raymond with this retablo for she was able to control her fetish.

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Catalina B. became addicted to her lover slapping her butt. He slapped her so harsh, it was hard for her to go at work. She prayed Saint Marta and managed to overcome this affliction. She’s immensely grateful for that.

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Fernando Tapia was very sick and couldn’t go out to the toilet. So he was making his business in a chamber pot. Suddenly a scorpion appeared from the pot and sat on a Fernando’s butt-cheek. He entrusted himself to the Lord of the Miracles so that the scorpion wouldn’t sting him and deteriorate his condition even more. Since the Lord made that miracle, Fernando offers this retablo.

Mexico City, 1977

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I dedicate this retablo to Saint Teresa for giving me an idea to sign up for Zumba aerobics class in a gym. And now, after only three months, my legs and my booty have become more firm.

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I thank you, Virgin of the Solitude, for keeping me healthy, saving and protecting me in this job that helps me to survive day by day, as long as my body keeps it up.

The Bootyfull
Merced, Mexico City, 2009

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In Barcelona, January 19, 2014, your slave Gino Rubert wanted to thank the Virgin of the Miracles from Jalisco for the lady doctor Francis de Carranza, known in the hospital as Juanita, tattooed her name on my butt for pleasure before letting me go.

Barcelona, January 19, 2014

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