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A picador Cirilo Tecanguey found himself in a great danger when the bull knocked him and the horse down. He thanks Saint Pancras for he didn’t get hurt and only hit his buttock.

Puebla, 1920

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Marvelous Heart, thank you because all the surgeries I went through came out very well. I’m happy and living my dream because that’s who I am and all I’m going to do is for love.

Julio / July
Condesa, Mexico City — June 20, 2015

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When Gregoria Coyotzi was gathering wood, she received a blow in her bottom from her donkey. It broke her coccyx, and she was feeling very bad. She implored the Virgin of San Juan and got recovered. She’s infinitely thankful for that.

Puebla, 1914

I thank Saint Sebastian that I have finally found my master, and I only live to serve him and please him in everything. He makes me happy by exercising his dominion over me, and I submit to him, and only to him I give myself unconditionally.

Lilibeth W.
Oslo, Norway, March 2019

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I had a very low self-esteem because I had no butt. My friends were laughing at me lacking curves and were giving me nicknames. I thank Saint Charbel because I managed to save enough money for my implants. Now I feel myself very attractive with my new butt, my friends are jealous of me and I have a lot of suitors.

Leonor Lara — Iztapalapa, Mexico City

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Forgive me, Virgin, but it wasn’t my intention to stare at my buddy’s wife Lola’s butt when I was coming to see my buddy.


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Susana Robledo thanks Saint Jerome with this retablo for the success of her buttock augmentation surgery. Now all the men pay her attention because she became very hot.

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On her way to Zacatlan to sell flowers, Gregoria Lopez got her rear-end bitten by her donkey. It got inflamed. Since no remedy would help her, she prayed the Child of Atocha, and it got healed. She thanks for that with this retablo. 1917.

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Roberto Garcia came home pretty drunk. He took a brazier for a chair and burned his buttocks. He thanks the Lord of the Wonders with this retablo for healing them up.

The torero Catarino Mendoza brings this retablo thanking Saint James for healing the wound on his buttock after being pierced by the bull.

Puebla, 1940

Carolina Ortega came to sleep at her boyfriend’s apartment, and the next morning his dog didn’t recognized her and bit her buttock. She thanks Saint Helen for her boyfriend didn’t kill the dog since it wasn’t the animal’s fault.

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The young man Enrique Lozano accidentally shot an arrow in the buttock of his neighbor. He thanks Saint James because the wound wasn’t very serious and he was forgiven. He promises to be more careful.

Susana Huerta was taken by a fetish of being spanked by her boyfriend. But the day after she couldn’t sit. She thanks Saint Raymond with this retablo for she was able to control her fetish.

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