Lord of the Wonders

Señor de las Maravillas

March 2019, Popocatepetl had a strong eruption spewing lava and ash. I was greatly frightened because my entire house was shaking. I dedicate this humble retablo, with all my heart, to the Lord of the Wonders thanking him for Don Goyo calmed down. I ask so it won’t wake up ever again because my family and I live very close to it.

Santiago Xalitzintla, Puebla

A drunk driver in his clunker hit Catarino Suarez, a traffic policeman. Catarina was in bad condition. He thanks the Lord of the Wonders for his recovery.

Mexico, 1949

With great devotion, I dedicate this retablo to the Lord of the Wonders for the miracle that I managed to buy new oven on wheels to grill sweet potatoes. Now I can support my family selling sweet potatoes.

Filomeno Telles – Puebla, 1970

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Roberto Garcia came home pretty drunk. He took a brazier for a chair and burned his buttocks. He thanks the Lord of the Wonders with this retablo for healing them up.

Every time I had to sell my bread on the street, a very angry dog jumped on me. It barked and chased me for few blocks not letting me deliver the bread to my clients. With all my faith, I asked the Lord of the Wonders for help, and few days later the owners of this dog changed the house and took the dog with them. Now I can work in peace.

Dionisio Castro ~ Puebla de los Angeles

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The spaniard Pedro Velazquez came to Mexico and established a production of jamon serrano with an unique taste. WIth this retablo, he thanks the Lord of the Wonders for his success.

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Evaristo Martinez got a bullet in his buttock for not paying his gambling debts. He thanks the Lord of the Wonders for his recovery and promises to not gamble anymore.

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One night I was woken up by a strange noise in a living room. I went to see what it was and, to my fear, noticed a burglar who got into he house through the window. I hid myself behind the armchair and asked the Lord of the Wonders for his divine help. Suddenly it occurred to me to bark like an angry dog. The burger got scared and ran away without taking anything. I thank for that, with all my faith.

Gaudencio Tepox
Puebla, 1980

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The Day of the Dead, Gudelia Sambrano met a ghost who chased her. She prayed the Lord of the Wonders and now offers him a retablo thanking him for she got home safe and sound.

Zacatlan, 1925

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The student Jose Luis Vasquez was stung by a scorpion when he took a book in the library. He was in bad condition, so he prayed to the Lord of the Wonders. Jose got better, so he thanks for that with the retablo.

An eagle used to kill the chicken at our small farm. I prayed the Lord of the Wonders and he, in his infinite goodness, made the eagle fly away from our places. It never came back, so I thank.

Matilda Gutierez
Uriangato, Guanajuato

The night before Day of the Dead, I woke up to drink a glass of milk. What a great fear I had when I saw a dead man eating from the altar we’d made for my grandfather. I implored the Lord of the Wonders so he would take and rest this soul. He heard my prayers, and it disappeared immediately.

Filiberto Cordero
Puebla, 1952

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With thus humble retablo, I’m infinitely grateful to the Lord of the Wonders who, all these years I’ve been working as a midwife, has been guided my arms with his light to bring healthy babes to this world. May you be blessed.

Vicenta Tepox
Chignahuapan, Puebla

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