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At the Christmas party in the neighborhood, I put too much liquor in my punch. Since I was getting tipsy, I came where doña Juanita was about to hit the piñata and she gave me such a tremendous kick in the head that I even saw stars. I give thanks to the Lord of the Wonders because nothing serious happened to me and I only got a lump. I promise not to drink so much on December holidays.

Lucio Pacheco

I thank Saint Monica for looking after the most important women in my life. They have taken care of me for many years, and I love them very much.

Paul and Abi, Xmas 2019

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I wanted to surprise my family so I dressed up as Santa Claus and got in the house to put the gifts around. One thing I didn’t think through is that my dog Rambo wouldn’t recognize me, attack me and chase all around the house. I thank Saint Charbel for my wife could hold the dog before he did more damage to the house and bit my rented Santa Claus costume in pieces.

Abelino Torres, Puebla

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I wanted to add more realism to my character from the pastorale, and I had an idea to put more flares. By accident, I put the tail of my costume on fire. I thank the Lord of Chalma for one of my companions acted fast and found an extinguisher. If not I would have got all burned because everybody was thinking it was part of our performance.

Cirilo Reyes, Mexico City

We thank Jesus Malverde because the cartel people brought the Christmas presents to the children, as they do every year.

Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, 2018

I hate Christmas, so that afternoon I decided to go for a walk instead of the typical dinner. In the park, I met David who also hates Christmas, and since then we have been together thanks to Jesus.

Cecilie M., 24–12–2018, Oslo

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Thank you, Virgin, although I have less clients because of the pandemic, I hope to gather money for the Christmas.

Nayeli Camacho

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I give thanks to Saint Jude Thaddeus for granting me the freedom. I was arrested for taking money for the lottery tickets I’d sold. But you know well that I took them to buy Christmas presents for my children. I did it because they’ve never received presents. And today, January 6, my boss found out the truth and withdrew his complaint saying that I’m innocent because he was also a boy once and he’s also a father.

Mexico City, 1968
Melchor Garcia Baltazar

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The night of December 24, 2000, while singing hymns to the Child of God, I accidentally put my friend’s hair on fire. Seeing her burning, I entrusted her to the Virgin of Guadalupe and now thanks for nothing bad happened.

Esperanza, Olivar del Conde, Mexico

Mercedes Ramirez wholeheartedly thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for the miracle that her husband Juan came back from the United States to spend Christmas and New Year with her and their two little kids. He was gone for entire year, and they couldn’t see him and missed him very much.

Puebla, Mexico

Juan Carlos Herrerías brings this retablo to Saint Elias thanking him for big success he has every year dressing as Santa Claus, and the kids enjoy it very much.

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I invited my girlfriend to spend Christmas at my family’s house. When everybody went to sleep we made love on the couch in the living-room. We couldn’t imagine that my uncle Modesto got an idea to dress up as Santa Claus and to enter the house through the window to put the Christmas presents. He caught as in the act. I thank Saint Nicholas of Bari for we managed to convince my uncle to keep this secret since we were dying of embarrassment.

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I dedicate this retablo to the Kings Magi because I never forget the excitement of waiting for them on every January 6. This joy is one of the sweetest memories of my childhood. Now I’m a father myself, and I’d like my children to believe in them and to keep this beautiful hope.


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