Saint Monica

Sagrada Familia

I thank Saint Monica for looking after the most important women in my life. They have taken care of me for many years, and I love them very much.

Paul and Abi, Xmas 2019

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I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Monica for my hero Billy Dee Williams. His role of Lando Calrissian is a master-class of sophistication. I saw the new movie about Han Solo but for me there is only one Lando—Billy Dee Williams.

Antonio Diaz

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I give thanks to Saint Monica with this retablo because my husband never found out about my affair with Pascual, the gardener. He was very handsome and young, and I could avoid being taken by my instincts and passion taking advantage of my husband being out of town for work for some time. I do not regret, but I promise not to cheat again so I won’t put my marriage at risk.

Lucía R. \ San Luis Potosi, Mexico