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Gloria Ramirez thanks Saint Pancras, with this retablo, because when she was having a walk around Coyoacan she was lucky to meet painter Diego Rivera while he was peacefully napping. 1943

When I was very young, I had a beautiful experience of meeting Pedro Infante in person. He was shooting a movie in a few blocks from my house. Every day I was going to look him acting, and one day, after the filming, he came to me and gave me his sombrero. I thank Saint James the Apostle for having lived this moment which I never forget and for having this memory about my idol.

Teresita Islas \ Mexico City

I dedicate the present exvoto to Saint Genesius, saint patron of actors, for the talent of Charlie Chaplin. His brilliant career made him a worldwide cinema legend. I enjoy many of his movies, but my favorite is his role in “The Great Dictator”.

Mexico, 2021

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I admired a famous model of men’s magazines. She was my platonic love. I dedicate this retablo to the Lord of the Wonders because one day she entered my repair shop when her car had broken down near by. It was the best day of my life. My dream to meet her came true, and she even gave me her autograph, and I took a photo with her.

Felix Romero \ Puebla, Mexico

Felipa Ortiz was pregnant and was about to give birth, but she was worrying because she didn’t have money to pay to a midwife. She fervently thanks the Virgin of San Juan because Frida the painter paid all the expenses of the childbirth.

Puebla, 1940

Infinite Thanks to Cher, because without her I may never have had the courage to be out! I knew I was a lesbian at 6, but it wasn’t until I first saw her in 1971 on the first Sonny & Cher Show that I knew at 11, I had the courage to do anything! She inspired me to come out at 13 and be proud. Not bad for a poor Housing Commission girl in 1974! I will never forget the song “Half Breed” Cher, the horse, & the sexy extravagance. No wonder I rode my motorbike through the crowd at the Palais in St. Kilda at “An Extravagant Lesbian Night” with just a g-string, a cap & a whole lot of body oil! Thank you, Cher!

Irene Reenie Christodolou

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With the humble exvoto, I’d like to thank Saint Pancras because the talented actress Adrienne Barbeau did an excellent job in the classical movie “Escape from New York” in which she portrayed women who, apart from being beautiful, are also strong.

Samuel Tapia, Mexico City

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Infinite thanks to Saint Lizzo patron saint of curves for blessing us all with her performances that celebrate curves, & for inspiring other big babes to love their own hot curves.

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In Puebla, 1940, doña Juquina Benitez’ son got sick with jaundice, and it became very grave. No remedy would help him, and she entrusted him to the Child of Atocha. The next day the painter Frida visited them. She brought some medicine and a puppy, and the boy was cured. She gives infinite thanks for that.

I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Jude Thaddeus for the movie “Sleepaway Camp”, which was very impressive and left a mark in the memory of all who watched it. The star of the movie Felissa Rose became a wonderful actress who is playing original, beautiful and strong roles. I wish her many years of success and thank for bringing joy to many fans.

Pedro Lopez, Mexico

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I bring the present retablo to the Child of Atocha for helping me to meet Tin Tan and convincing him to visit my ill aunt since she always dreamt of meeting him. He even sang and danced for her and didn’t charge us, and my aunt recovered.

Gonzalo, Puebla, 1949

I thank don Diego Maradona for teaching me to enjoy soccer and the Holy Virgin of Aparecida for making me being born on 30/10, on the day of Diegito’s birthday.

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I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Monica for my hero Billy Dee Williams. His role of Lando Calrissian is a master-class of sophistication. I saw the new movie about Han Solo but for me there is only one Lando—Billy Dee Williams.

Antonio Diaz

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