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Margarito Zapata gives thanks because his cow Aristarca sings. when he milks her, and gives a lot of milk every day.

Zacatecas, August 16, 1944

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Every time my colleagues and I went to sing serenades I used to pass a couple of tequilas to warm up my voice. But lately I was going out of hand with it to the extent of coming drunk and spoiling the serenades. I thank Saint Cecily because my colleagues gave me another opportunity, and I promised them to become an abstinent mariachi again.

Paulino Fernandez
Aguascalientes, Mexico

I thank Saint Cecily for pulling my wife the Tabascan from singers and making her a cock-breeder like myself. Now her roosters doing very awesome at the arena, and she’s so much happier. Señor Natalia Canto from Comitancillo, Cintalapa, Chiapas ordered to paint his exvoto. Emmanuel Espin painted it in the year 2020 AD.

I bring the present retablo to the Child of Atocha for helping me to meet Tin Tan and convincing him to visit my ill aunt since she always dreamt of meeting him. He even sang and danced for her and didn’t charge us, and my aunt recovered.

Gonzalo, Puebla, 1949

I dedicate this retablo to the Miraculous Virgin of Guadalupe because on my 15-th birthday party, Maria Daniela and Andria performed but at the end of the song they reveled their true vampire identity. Luckily, I have my anti-vampire kit under my dress and I was able to beat them.

Karen, October 29, 2014

A beautiful mermaid attracted us with her singing right to the rocks. We were watching her combing her lovely green hair and didn’t see that we are going to crash into rocks. Our boat hit it and got a hole. We thank the Virgin of Zapopan we could scoop the water out till we got back to the beach. We guarantee we won’t let us be chanted by mermaids ever again.

We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe who saved me and my friend Juan from being enchanted by mermaids singing. When they appear in the sea, they sing and hypnotize men. The mermaids use it to take them far away and make them lost in the sea.

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I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Cecily for the brilliant work of the singer Meat Loaf. His hit album “Bat out of Hell” has one of the best design in rock-n-roll history. I wish him many years of success and part to alleviate his back pain.

Charly Gutierrez, Mexico

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Our mariachi band singer got sick, and we didn’t know what to do. So our violinist Lupita offered herself to substitute her and she told us that she sings beautifully. We were surprised because it wasn’t true and, instead of singing, she screamed like a dog run over by a car. With all our hearts, we thank Saint Cecily for our main singer recovered her health because those days with Lupita were a real torture and we were frightened to be kicked out of the restaurant we played in.

Mariachi “Sun of Tlaquepaque”, Jalisco

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Thanks to Saint Jude Thaddeus because he made possible the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of North-American United States. To celebrate his election and the MLK birthday, I dance and sing with mariachi at the Paseo de la Reforma near the American embassy.

Gabrielle Civil, January 24, 2009

My throat was inflamed and I couldn’t sing. I almost lost my voice. I entrusted myself, with great devotion, to the Holy Child Doctor of the Ill to heal me. The Child helped me, and now I’m singing again and eve better than ever. I thank for that with this retablo.

Lucha Gituerrez — Chihuhua, 1938

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My daughter Lourdes loves the music. She also likes the birds very much. When she’s playing her flute, the canaries began to sing, and also the parakeets and the cockatoos who sing very strangely but beautifully. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because my daughter is such a sensitive and talented girl.

We thank Saint Cecily with this retablo for the received favor and for making Lupita, our singer, understand that singing wasn’t her profession. She insisted to be our singer but she was so horrible that we were only loosing clients and offers with her howl. Since Lupita has dedicated herself to the violin, we are very happy and the things are going better.

The mariachi band “Sun of Tecamachalco”
Tecamachalco, Puebla

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