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Gregorio fell from the fishing boat and hit his head. He lost his conscience, and when he regained it back he saw two mermaids pulling him in different directions—one to the top and the other to the bottom. That moment he entrusted his life to Saint Raphael the Archangel. He thanks him because the mermaid who pulled to the top won, and he got to the surface where his buddies could grab and save him. Although nobody believed in the mermaid story, he didn’t care because he stayed alive.

I thank the Virgin of the Pillar for protecting me and my fellow Miguel when we were quietly sailing and a very big boat appeared and almost ploughed into us. Luckily we survived to tell about it.

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One mermaid had an idea to get into my boat. The first time, I was fascinated with her beauty, but then she began to return all my fish back to the sea. I didn’t like that, I was working hard to catch all this fish, and the mermaid was undoing my work. I prayed the Virgin because it didn’t matter if I changed my way, the mermaid always found me. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe the mermaid finally left me and went to bother Carlos Medina who had a bigger boat than mine and used to catch more fish.

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The boat with me and my dog was carried away by the storm. I lost my oars, so we were left drifting. I almost lost the hope of surviving when Saint Barbara appeared as a giant wave. She threw us to the shore, and we arrived safely. I thank for that.

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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for saving my son and me from shipwrecking when we went fishing in the open sea.

João Caetano da Silva
Itamaraca, PE

We went fishing at dawn. Suddenly we heard laughs and music. Then we saw a boat on which a lot of skeletons were celebrating the Day of the Dead. They called us to join their party. We prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe, and thanks to her a strong wave took us away from them. We managed to come back home safe and sound.

When my husband and I went to visit our relatives in Veracruz we had to go in a boat by the river. Then some giant crocodiles began to surround us. It was getting harder to row because of the stones and mangroves. But thanks to the Virgin of San Juan we managed to get to the house of our relatives safe and sound and no animal attacked us. We offer this retablo to the Virgin.

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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for not letting my boat drown.

Alipio Jose da Silva
Japaratinga, Alagoas

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I took Dorita for a boat ride down the river. I planed to read her some poetry and declare my love to her. But when we passed the old cemetery down the river we saw dead men. They had come out their grave and were dancing, gathering flowers and waving to us. Dorita was so frightened that I though she’d never accept my proposal after this ride. However, thank to the Virgin of Guadalupe she agreed to marry me despite everything.

Socorro Aguilar dedicates this humble retablo to Saint Isidor Labourer because she’s doing well selling her flowers to the tourists who pass in Xochimilco by trajineras boats. She makes their day with beauty and colors.

Xochimilco, Mexico

It took me almost 40 years to get my own swan pedal boat but Saint Crispin helped me.

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One morning I went fishing in my small boat. Suddenly I hooked an enormous sailfish. I give thanks to Saint Peter because after many hours of efforts I finally managed to catch it. I sold it and earned a lot of money.

Teodoro Muñoz
Manzanillo, Coahuila

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We were attacked by strange fish in open sea. Thanks for my dogs and I escaped safely.

Lucia, 1971

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