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In Puebla, in 1945, in the pulqueria bar “Beautiful Elena”, my son fell in love with a lady. They moved together, but she befuddled him and made him a fool by going to another man. That’s why I implored the Virgin of the Solitude, and then my son was cured which I’m infinitely thankful for.

R. S.

I thank Saint Peter for letting Salome Pineda who died in a car accident to come and eat the offerings on October 28, the day of the killed. I told her how much I love her and that she shouldn’t worry and that I look after her two sons from her third marriage.

The cuckold, 28–10–2000

I’m thankful and grateful to the Virgin of Guadalupe for giving me the opportunity and for opening the eyes of my animal side to be able to communicate with the natural world. Thanks because I’ve met my soul mate and my life now is filled with love and positive vibes. Eric the octopus and I dedicate this retablo.

Tulum, 1986

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My brother was very jealous and was kicking all my suitors out. I was worried and afraid that I might end up being an old maid. I thank the Virgin of San Juan, with all my heart, because one day came the revolutionaries and took my brother to fight along with them. So now I can relax with my beloved one.

Yolanda Garcia — Piedras Negras, Coahuila

I thank and order to make this retablo to the Holy Niño Fidencio and Holy Girl Aurorita for giving me the gift to fell madly in love when Ali went with me to a bonsai expo. When I saw her, I was completely captivated. Now we buy plants together, save dogs and always go to drink pulque.

Saint Francis, thank you for your favors. I remember when I met Damian he was a very timid boy. I told him that he has a baby-face, but it turned out that he was the same age as me. He was very shy, and when I talked with him he went beet red. One time some University fellows invited us to a party. Most of them brought their girlfriends. Damian asked me why I didn’t bring mine. I told him that I don’t like women. Then he said “What a coincidence, neither do I”. That’s how we became a couple. I thank for having fallen in love.

Osvaldo Gomez, 1966

I thank the Holy Death Girl for helping me to find the love of my life.

Lolita Martinez

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We, Alahn Santiago and Marco Luis Mendez, pay with this retablo giving thanks for we love each other immensely and live happily in our house, in spite of other people’s prejudices about us. However, it didn’t prevent us from living our love.

Mexico City, 2021

Teodoro Martinez has a relationship with two Venusians. We are deeply in love, and they came to live in my house.

Oaxaca, September 9, 1969

Martha Larios and Leonora Perez are very grateful for living together and very happy, in spite of public shaming. You gave us strength to go on and show that we love each other.

CDMX, 2021

I thank God because he sent me an angel.

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Virgin of the Rosary, I thank you for helming me to choose my love before saying “Yes, I do” on the day of my wedding.

Arturo, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1989

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Rosario Hernandez was in love with the foreman of the ranch. She asked Saint Paschal for help and managed to made the foreman fell in love with her, with her dishes. She dedicates this retablo for that, with great faith and devotion.

Tecamachalco, Puebla

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