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I give infinite thanks to Saint Anthony of Padua for sending a good woman to my life. I got married very young, but got a bad wife. She left me for another man. I became very disappointed and took refuge in my carpenter job for many years. But one beautiful day I met Carmelita and I believed in love again. We are very happy. May you be blessed.

Cayetano Aguilar \ Zacatecas, Mexico

We thank Saint Anthony for a beautiful wedding and we played it being in love. We hope we’ll be happy and, with the saint’s blessing, we’ll have healthy children.

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Rafael A. thanks Saint Anthony of Padua with the present retablo because the model he used for his nudity pictures fell in love with him and they are lovers now.

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I thank Saint Barbara for the miracle of my husband (?), our love and the beautiful house he built for me with his own hands.

Rancho en la playa, 2007

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We thank the Virgin of San Juan because we returned to our home town after long time. We felt our wind with its specific aroma that reminded us about our childhood and youth. We felt the same sun under which we fell in love with each other once.

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The day of my wedding, Manuel Martinez returned to the town. He was the love of my life, and I thought he’d never come back. I thank the Holy Virgin of the Rosary for I didn’t commit an error of marrying a man I didn’t love and only because I wouldn’t like to stay an old maid.

Raquel Diaz

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May you be blessed, Saint Sebastian, because Marta came to live with me. We are happy together because we love each other very much and aren’t afraid to be who we are.

Marta and Luisa, Tacubaya, 1987

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On the day of our wedding there were so many children and doves near by the church doors. It’s a good omen that means many years of happiness. We thank Saint Anthony for his blessing.

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Enedina Abascal dedicates the present retablo to Saint Anthony of Padua thanking him because she met Ponciano, the love of her life. She was a soldier, and they fought together at the times of the Revolution. When the fight was over, they could get married and were very happy.

Torreon, Coahuila

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I was working at my masters’ house all day long and didn’t think I could find a boyfriend. I ask Saint Anthony of Padua for help, and he sent me Felix, new baker in our neighborhood. Now we are together, and I’m very happy with our big love. I dedicate this retablo with great faith.

Reynalda Martinez — Mexico, 1957

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I dedicate this retablo to my mother thanking her for giving me life and blessing me. My life has been always filled with Faith, Hope and Love. And there, in heaven, where she’s resting now, she won’t leave me alone in my mission because the art is the real miracle. I also dedicate this retablo to my wife for her love and constant support; to my children for their loving friendship and honesty; to the society and people who enjoy my work and let me tell about stories, facts, visions and imaginations from my beloved Mexico.

From Mexico to the world.

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Saint Sebastian, we offer you this retablo about our love which was a secret. Now we can scream out loud about it because we got married and are very happy. We thank for being made for each other.

Saul and Tito
February 14, 2008. Polanco, Mexico

I give infinite thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan because I met a good, handsome and loving man whom I marry. We are deeply in love with each other, and our marriage will be very happy. We will live our life together and will love each other very much.

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