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May you be blessed, Holy Child of Atocha, for sending me Arturo. Since we met each other, I found happiness. Although I’m not a woman, he fell in love with me. And I just adore him because I fell in love with him from the first sight. I promised to offer a retablo if he agrees to be my partner. So some time after he asked me to move in with him. I make this retablo about this nice favor you made me because I’m very happy to be with Arturo.

Jose Reyes Maria
Guadalajara, Jalisco, 1960

May you be blessed, Virgin of Guadalupe, for making the miracle for me. Julio came back to me. He had left me for a woman. I prayed so much, and now we’re together again and we’re happy.

Polo & Julio
May 19, 1986 — Tacubaya

Jose Lopez, with warm devotion, gives infinite thanks to Saint Anthony with this retablo for sending him a woman who likes to cook naked. He’s even thinking to propose her.

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Adriana Montiel found a wallet full of money. She managed to give it back to its owner. He was very thankful and gave her a generous reward. He even asked her out. She thanks Saint Anthony for presenting her her future husband in this way.

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Blessed you may be Saint Sebastian for the miracle that Paco returned to me after he had dumped me for a woman. Today we are enjoying our love here in Acapulco.

Paco & Mario, 14–Feb–1999

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I thank Saint Paschal Baylon with this retablo for having met my Maria. I love Mexican food, and she is an excellent cook. I used to travel a lot to Mexico for my work, then we met and got married and I stayed here. I’m very happy because she cooks for me, with great love, mole, quesadillas, chalupas, tacos and many other delicious dishes.

Robert Johnson \ Mexico City

I thank the Virgin of the Solitude. I almost lost hope and I thought I’d never love again. But love came back to my devastated heart in the most sweet and passionate way. There will be no more long hours of loneliness that I used to live through. From now on, I’ll have a sweet and wonderful companion with whom I will share the happiness and sorrow—which I hope won’t be a lot—for the rest of my life. Thank you.

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Alejandra Martinez was a radical feminist until one day a big biker won her heart. She brings this retablo to Saint Anthony thanking him beaus now she’s very happy to live without having to fight with men.

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Arturo L. traveled to Thailand and there, in a brothel, he met the woman of his dreams. He thanks Saint James with this retablo for he managed to convince her to leave her job and come back with him.

We met in the wrestling and became a couple. We are very happy but we don’t take our masks off to keep the mystery. We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for our big love.

I give infinite thanks to Saint Helen because my new neighbors don’t realize that at night I climb a tree to spy on them. Since they’re a couple, I’m getting sexually excited seeing how they show their love and leave the curtains of their room open.

Nuevo León, Mexico

The young man Carlos B. thanks Saint Anthony of Padua with this retablo because his neighbor shows him striptease in the window every night and now they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

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I met Beny in Puerto Vallarta. I was captivated by him very fast. We became friends, and one day during that vacation I confess my love to him. He responded me. I thank the Lord of Oak because I asked for it very much.

July 1979