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My son had been charmed by a mermaid, and every day he took his boat and went to the reef to listen her singing. I was afraid that she could take him to the bottom of the sea as she had done before with many fishermen. I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan, and thanks to her my son met a beautiful girl and he fell in love with her. That broke the charm of the mermaid. I thank for this miracle that saved my son.

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Ciriaco Hernandez gives thanks to Soul in Purgatory because I’ve married to Suleima despite her saying that I was very skinny and couldn’t handle her. But I have tremendous sex with her and even tell her to get on top because I don’t feel any weight.

Mexico, March 17, 1988

Alicia gives thanks to the Lord for finding love with Felipe and for letting her dreams about marriage come true. Now, while they’re on honeymoon, she’s offering this retablo in gratitude asking always to fill their life with joy and happiness.

14th February 1999
Acapulco, Mexico

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Virgin of Guadalupe, I offer you this retablo because I met a man who fell in love with me and saved me from the life of whore.

Marta Luna
Merced, Mexico City, 1990