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When we were returning from the work, my buddy Simon and I had a chilling encounter near the cemetery walls. A headless bride appeared to us. She was wondering looking for her lover. We thank the Virgin of Zapopan because the ghost didn’t see us and passed by blasting us with freezing air. I’ve got more gray hairs after that, and Simon now stutters.

Angelica Telles got drunk of jealousy of seeing her cousin getting married. She undressed during the reception and started dancing naked. She thanks Saint Mariana for her family didn’t disown her and forgave her.

May 15, 1968, the day of the wedding, my fiancé got scared and was about to escape, but thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe I noticed it in time and brought him back because I wouldn’t like to stay an old maid.

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I thank Saint Anthony for a beautiful wedding. I married a man I love very much and who loves me.

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Alejandro S. was getting married and felt sick during the reception and fell on the cake. He gives thanks to Saint Jude with this retablo because his fiancée was understanding although she laughed at him afterwards.

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My fiancé Filemon and I tried to get married for many years but it was always that something unexpected happens and we have to cancel the wedding. I was losing any hope to get married. Then I decided to pray the Virgin of Zapopan every night, and she worked a miracle. This time everything was perfect, and we played the wedding. Everyone was happy to see us finally married. And I know that after so many stumbles we are going to be very happy.

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The day of the wedding, I got a lot of doubts and got scared of marriage. I was so frightened I ran off the wedding. My parents and my fiancé were screaming behind my back and called me back. I heard their voices but kept running. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for I finally calmed down. I sat under a tree to make my mind. Then I come back right before the start of the ceremony. I wasn’t scared anymore. Now I’m very happy with my husband, and I understand that my doubts came out of the fear of my new life because I had no idea how it could go.

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I thank the Virgin of San Juan for saving my fiancée from dying from a heart attack right at the altar during our wedding.

Jose Luis Jimenez Valdez
San Miguel de Allende
October 5, 1979

I married Jose a year after he became a widower when his first wife died on the day of the wedding because of indigestion after eating too much. Turned out that the ghost of the first wife was very jealous. She began to appear at nights with the angry face and scared me a lot. Then I ordered a novena for her soul, and it made the ghost to go away and rest in peace. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because now I’m happy with Jose.

We thank the Virgin of San Juan for having a very beautiful wedding, filled with music and happiness. Besides that, we love each other very much.

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I thank Saint Anthony for I found such man as my fiancé Remigio to get married. He is an excellent man, and his dog have befriended my dog. I already can see a future romance between them. This gives me a lot of happiness on this day of my wedding, because we both love our dogs very much and couldn’t live without them.

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Jasinta Ramirez was ordered to prepare some mole for the master’s wedding. The mole turned out very bitter. But she prayed Saint Paschal Baylon, and nobody notice it. She thanks the saint, although many people had diarrhea afterwards, nobody kicked the bucket.

Puebla, 1917

I met Arturo few months after his wife had died at the day of their wedding. We fell in love, and, after waiting one year of his widowhood, we got married. But after coming back from our honeymoon I began to see his first wife’s ghost every night. She was furious and looked at me with so much hate. Arturo slept like a log and of course didn’t see any of this. And me—I was trembling in fear. Then I ordered a requiem mess for her soul. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because the ghost hasn’t appeared ever since.