Virgin of Help

Virgen del Socorro

Thank you, Virgin of Help, for the luck of marrying the landowner and widower and showing them that I marry him for love.

Juliana, 1974
Oaxaca, Mexico

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I had many horrifying dreams with blood, being surrounded by demons and people with skinless bodies. But my faith in you saved me. Thanks.

Rosario Coral
Ixil, 1947

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I thank the Virgin of Help, because after the cruise ship, on which I went to Cancun, took the ground and I had to spend few minutes in the water totally naked, I was saved by the boat “Esmeralda” handled by a handsome fisherman, who became my husband nine months later.

Graciela Cervantes thanks the Virgin of Help because after 10 years of relationships her boyfriend Arturo finally proposed to her on her birthday, April, 16.