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Rafael Nieto de Dios and Lola Mento Mialma give infinite thanks to the Almighty Lord of the Hearts from Huajapan de Lion for having met each other at the rehearsals of jarabe mixteco dance to go to Gelagetza.

2017, Oaxaca

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We thank you, Virgin of Juquila, for saving us and the bus from falling down the cliff.

Jasinto and Toño, Oaxaca, Mexico, 196*

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I dedicate the present retablo to Saint Paschal Baylon thanking him because my grandmother Petra instilled me love for the kitchen since childhood. She was a great cook, and I inherited this from her. I discovered my vocation, and I’m a professional chef now. I proudly bring the taste of the traditional Mexican cuisine to the entire world.

Catalina Muñoz / Oaxaca, Mexico

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Felix Orozco gives infinite thanks to the Holy Heart because the bat-woman didn’t suck my blood out. She was very horrible but you saved me.

Oaxaca, 1943

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Michael the Archangel, I thank you because my suitors didn’t kill each other when they met in my house.

Lupita, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1962

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Señorita Francisca Cruz thanks the Virgin of Juquila, with this little humble retablo, for giving her the talent of making tehuana blouses and dresses. Locals are buying them for the traditional dances, and they are also valued among domestic and foreign tourists.

Juchitan, Oaxaca

Teodoro Martinez has a relationship with two Venusians. We are deeply in love, and they came to live in my house.

Oaxaca, September 9, 1969

I give thanks to Saint Jude Thaddeus for letting me to put my offerings once again this year. It’s very important for me to never forget my beloved ones, and I fell them even closer to me during these All Saints’ feasts. I know they are happy to come and enjoy what I put, with great love, to their altar.

Adelaida Reyes ~ Oaxaca, Mexico

Virgin of the Rosary, I thank you for helming me to choose my love before saying “Yes, I do” on the day of my wedding.

Arturo, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1989

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Virgin of Guadalupe, I thank you for saving me from a giant octopus that attacked me when I was fishing in the sea at Puerto Escondido.

Felipe, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1972

We thank you, Virgin of the Rosary, for chasing away the birds that bothered us when we were sowing.

Ines, Juana and Toñito
Oaxaca, Mexico, 1964

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Thanks to you, Virgin of Guadalupe, my wife agreed to pose naked for my paintings, and thanks to that I won the artist contest and a scholarship.

Rogelio, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1967

Saint Peter, I give thanks to you because I was able to save my brother the he was drowning, and you helped me to save him.

Miguel, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1960

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