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I dedicate this humble retablo to Saint John Bosco thanking him for finding a job as a painter of naked female models. The truth is I can’t paint but I convinced the gallery owner that I have a very abstract and modernist style. So now, apart of making money, I also delight my eyes with the beautiful models.

Gaspar Aguilar \ Queretaro, Mexico

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Thanks to you, Virgin of Guadalupe, my wife agreed to pose naked for my paintings, and thanks to that I won the artist contest and a scholarship.

Rogelio, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1967

Rafael A. thanks Saint Anthony of Padua with the present retablo because the model he used for his nudity pictures fell in love with him and they are lovers now.

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I give you infinite thanks, Saint James the Apostle, for having a natural beauty and the body. Thanks to my look I have a lot of job as an art model for artists and photographers, and, with the money they pay me, I can cover my university studies.

Ana M.
Guanajuato, Mexico

I spent months looking for a job and finally I found one—as an art model for painters. I liked to see how they were shaping my image with their brushes. But there was a problem. I felt chilly and froze for being naked without moving for hours. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe I found another job—in dry cleaning. Now I’m happy because it’s always warm there.

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Señorita R. found a job as an art model for one artist. Thanks to these earnings she managed to get back to her studies again. She brings this retablo to Saint Raymond thanking him for granting her this favor.

H. J. thanks for she is being very popular as a nude model for art workshops. She brings this retablo as a testimony of this big favor done to her by Saint Pancras.

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An artist Gaudensio Ponce made a full-nude image of a wrestler’s wife. He thanks Saint Pancras for the wrestler liked his work and didn’t beat Gaudensio.