Saint Raymond Nonnatus

San Ramón Nonato

Carolina Telles enjoyed very much to strip dance. One day she was so emotionally involved in her act, she his her head and broke her neck. She prayed to Saint Raymond and recovered quickly. She thanks for that.

Since we needed money so badly, I decided—after noticing that the prostitutes from the Rosales street earned quite a good money—to try this thing. I put on a blouse in which I looked very beautiful, took my sister’s skirt, borrowed high heels shoes and went to the Rosales street. First, a horrible drunk old man hit on me. He wanted me to go with him but I ran from him. Then came the police and tried to put us in jail, but I managed to escape. I thank Saint Raymond, and I suppose it’s better to work in a bakery.

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Teresa Guzman was very gossipy. One day her neighbor couldn’t take it any more, she grabbed her hair and gave her what she deserved. Teresa promises to Saint Raymond to amend herself in order to avoid such complications in future.

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Pablo Mendez got a girlfriend who turned out to be a dominatrix. He thanks Saint Raymond with this retablo for helping him to get enough courage to end their relationship.

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In 1915 in San Camilo my buddy caught me on the mat with his wife. He started to shoot at us. I give infinite thanks to Saint Raymond because bullets didn’t hit me. She took them all.

Señora Juana R. enjoyed gossips so she used to eavesdrop the confessions of the parishioners. She thanks Saint Raymond with this retablo because she got caught, and she promises to amend her ways.

The Diana Nuñez’ boss used to demand her to have sex with him in order to keep the job until one day she reported him. She thanks Saint Raymond for her boss is now in jail and she can do her work properly.

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Young Rodolfo R. had an affair with his literature teacher. He thanks Saint Raymond for he reacted in time and stopped this relationship for good.

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Ramon A. P. was painting houses in a residential neighborhood in Garci-Crespo. Around 11 a.m. he heard some humming noice like a wasp buzz. He wanted to run but when he looked back he saw an UFO hanging over the roofs. The UFO went up and disappeared. Ramon thanks Saint Raymond Nonnatus.

Tehuacan, 2008

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After I’d broken up with my girlfriend I had no luck. Every time I go out strange things happened to me. I even lost my job without any reason. Then I was told that it was my ex-girlfriend who put an evil eye on me. I was so devastated, I prayed Saint Raymond Nonnatus. Thanks to his divine intervention my life has changed and I’ve got my job back. I dedicate this retablo.

Margarito Flores

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My neighbors were gossiping that my friend tried to seduce my husband. One day. when I met her during my laundry I grabbed her hair. Thanks to Saint Raymond, those rumors were lies. I made up with my friend, and the gossiping neighbors won’t upset us anymore.

Francisca Cruz, 1988

Rogaciano R., Panfilo N. and Silverio J. thank Saint Raymond Nonnatus for having finally made up. The girlfriend of one of them was spreading some rumors which led to a huge fight between them. They didn’t want to know each other. But then they found out it was only a lie. As a consequence, they realized they don’t have any interest in women anymore.

Guadalajara, Jalisco

Señorita R. found a job as an art model for one artist. Thanks to these earnings she managed to get back to her studies again. She brings this retablo to Saint Raymond thanking him for granting her this favor.