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I thank Saint Raymond Nonnatus fro delivering us from yabbering Tila Maria Sesto’s gossips when she caught us, me and my buddy, watching soccer in underwear. She almost gave us stomach pain when we saw her, and we almost spoiled our underpants. She started to say that we were motherfuckers. But no, I went to my buddy’s house because he has such a big TV-device and a fan from the heat. I ordered to paint Melo Colli in gratitude.

Merida, Yucatan, 2009

This retablo is not for wide audience. There are local Yucatan comedians Tila Maria Sesto and Melo Colli mentioned here. The caption also contains Yucatan expression such as:

Choknak — stomach pain of indegestion;

Pelana — that could be translated as “motherfuckers”;

He-lé — expression of negation or simply “no”.

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Dominga Camargo brings the present retablo to the Child of Atocha thanking for her son didn’t lose his eye when he put a pencil in a fan.

Puebla, 1950

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Since it was very hot night, I opened the window and turned on my new fan before going to sleep. But two crocodiles thought the fan was an enormous and delicious fly, because of its sound. So they got into my room to get it. I thank the Holy Spirit because I managed to escape from those stupid crocodiles.

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Eduviges Guerrero enjoyed her long hair. But one day it got caught in a fan while she was eating a mole in a tavern. She thanks Saint Charbel for nothing serious happened and she only made a laughing stock of herself.

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