Emmanuel Espín

I, Marinita Costa, offer this exvoto thanking the Virgin of the Sea for looking after little turtles’ babies and for making me realize that the sea is a house and not just a giant pool. I beg and implore for forgiveness for those times when I threw Coca-Cola light bottles with love messages inside in the sea. I wish I stay an old maid for this stupidity.

Acapulco, Guerrero, 2006

We were finishing to rise up the circus tent when suddenly the divine image of Saint Bartholomew miraculously appeared without anyone noticing where it came from. The strongmen of the Espintla circus testify what happened, with this exvoto.

Coatepec, 2000

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The Diarrhea twin brothers, acrobats, give their infinite gratitude to the Divine Child of Prague, with this retablo, for that day when they had a very wet diarrhea, and they climbed up the trapeze, and the Child miraculously stopped their wet shits. Shitting hemorrhoids.

Aguascalientes, 2006

I’m not gossiping, I’m just a communicative person.

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because this gossiping Lucha stopped insulting me. I, Maria de los Angeles, from Mexico City, 2000.

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for looking after me and my family during this COVID-19 sanitary contingency and because those from us who got sick were able to get through, thanks to God and the Holy Virgin. Receive this exvoto painted by Espintla, with all his love.

Mexico, 2020

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I, Emmanuel Espin PIneda, give thanks to God for my life and because I was planted in a beautiful garden. I hope my fruits would be good, because you are God who makes a dry tree flourish. I finished painting this exvoto in front of the Tree of Tule in Santa Maria, Oaxaca. Mexico, 2020.

Tree of Tule

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I thank Saint Cecily for pulling my wife the Tabascan from singers and making her a cock-breeder like myself. Now her roosters doing very awesome at the arena, and she’s so much happier. Señor Natalia Canto from Comitancillo, Cintalapa, Chiapas ordered to paint his exvoto. Emmanuel Espin painted it in the year 2020 AD.

The Umbrellas clown thanks Saint Genesius for that day when his leg went numb and the wire got so tense it broke. Fortunately, the Twisted clown who was passing near by took him upon himself so he didn’t even got hurt, and now they are inseparable.

Huamantla, Tlaxcala, 2011

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Take fresh hot bread, salty, sweet and with butter.

I offer this exvoto to Saint Jude Thaddeus as dispensation for having broken my promise not to eat sweet pastry. I beg his pardon because if not it’d be easier for me to change my religion then to give up pastry. I beg for pardon doña Conchita Madalena whom I’ve promised to have a great body this year.

2021, Mexico City

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I, Anacleto Coloyo Meras, thank Saint Daniel for he got me out of gigolo and I’ve become a lion tamer.

Michoacan, Mexico, 1990

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Glorious Saint Sebastian, deliver me from evil.

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I thank Saint Charbel because the day I fell from an air balloon, a Lebanese circus came to my town Tehuixtla, Morelos, and not only I was saved but could watch the show for free.

Casimiro Caigut Zerutik
October 7, 1930

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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for delivering me from the love pain that left me bedridden.

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