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I, Marinita Costa, offer this exvoto thanking the Virgin of the Sea for looking after little turtles’ babies and for making me realize that the sea is a house and not just a giant pool. I beg and implore for forgiveness for those times when I threw Coca-Cola light bottles with love messages inside in the sea. I wish I stay an old maid for this stupidity.

Acapulco, Guerrero, 2006

Felipe Carrasco was delivering Coca-cola when he was hit by a boy on roller skates. He thanks Saint Charbel for his injured back is better now.

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I thank the Virgin of San Juan for delivering me from death when my truck’s brakes went out in a turn. I entrusted myself to you in such misfortune, and now I’m very thankful.

Fransisco Lopez, Jalisco, 1992

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The Coca-Cola’s employee Raul Hernandez thanks Saint James for his good sales. He was payed the bonus to the best salesman of the year, so he got good money.

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My husband Genaro and I dedicate this retablo to the Holy Heart. Our daughter Sonia had pains in her stomach. The doctor said she had drunk too much Coca-cola. I had to look the other side and my husband covered his mouth with the hand to not laugh at the doctor’s toupée.

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I thank the Lord of Saucito because he helped my husband to overcome his addiction to Diet Doctor Pepper.

I give infinite thanks to the Holy Child of Plateros for healing me after damned pain in my stomach. When I started to drink Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola the gas and the cocaine contained in these soft drinks caused a pain in my stomach. I felt myself more and more terrible and I asked the Holy Child of Plateros to heal me. Now I’m healthy again. I work in the bar in Salinas and drink only tequila.

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Exactly that moment when Jorge Moreno was going to propose to his girlfriend he was hit by a Coca-Cola truck. His girlfriend Juanita thanks the Virgin of San Juan because her future husband didn’t die and yet he proposed to her in the hospital right after his broken leg was put in plaster.

Enrique Suarez became addicted to Coca-cola and for that reason he ended up in the hospital very sick. He thanks Saint Francis with this retablo for he got better. He promises not to drink soda again.

Carlos Bermudes was installing a billboard when he was blown down by wind. He thanks his guardian angel for saving his life because he only broke both his legs.

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