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I, Elias, give thanks because I lived in depression and sin. I ended up at the cemetery where I came to visit my dead aunt Nola and uncle Naldo. That day I cried, I cut my arms, I crawled on the graves and start drinking. At that moment, I begged them to help me to quit my vices. Suddenly serpents came out of my chest. Since that day I felt relieved after 8 years of addiction. Now I’m a new person. Thanks for the favor, aunt Nolfa and uncle Naldo.

I, Elias Olea
San Bernardo, Stgo, July 2021

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Since I bought my smartphone, I was facing the screen waiting for the likes on Facebook. I was like a zombie. I thank Jesus for freeing me from this addiction.

Sunniva Hansen
19.08.2018, Oslo, Norway

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R. S. was addicted to sleep with many men at the same time. With the present retablo, she thanks Saint Raymond for giving her enough willpower to overcome her perversion.

The milkman Vicente Gomes thanks Saint Pancras with this retablo for the big favor he asked for—to be able to overcome his addiction to a client who always paid him with sex.

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Catalina B. became addicted to her lover slapping her butt. He slapped her so harsh, it was hard for her to go at work. She prayed Saint Marta and managed to overcome this affliction. She’s immensely grateful for that.

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Graciela Monroy took a toke. In the euphoria, it was easy to her to chew up a glass. She ended up in the hospital. Her family thanks the Virgin of the Solitude for she recovered and will receive treatment.

Virgin of Guadalupe, I thank you for quitting this vice of marijuana addiction although it happened in a very macabre manner—with seeing all those skeletons in my madness.

Campeche, 1944

I used to love to reunite with my friends on Thursdays to play cards. Then we began to play really high stakes, and I got this feeling of gambling. One time I almost lost my husband’s car. Fortunately, I won that round, although I was frightened. I realized I’m addicted to gambling and I can stake anything to play. I promised to the Virgin if she helps me I would cook sweets every time I have temptation to play again. The Virgin gave me strength, and I do not play anymore but have opened a pastry shop.

Carlos Alonso was completely lost in the drugs. One day he had a hallucination with a devil biting his arm. He thanks Saint Michael for this experience and promises to go to rehab.

I thank the Lord of Saucito because he helped my husband to overcome his addiction to Diet Doctor Pepper.

Enrique Suarez became addicted to Coca-cola and for that reason he ended up in the hospital very sick. He thanks Saint Francis with this retablo for he got better. He promises not to drink soda again.

I dedicate this retablo to the Holy Child of Atocha. I was practically hopeless because of my addiction to all kinds of drugs and alcohol. But I found a good job in the church of the parish priest don Ernesto, who gives me shelter, clean clothes and good food.

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Anita Sandoval thanks Saint Rita of Cascia with this retablo because little by little she overcame an addiction to buying shoes, for now she has hundreds pairs of them.

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