Child of Atocha

Niño de Atocha

Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for giving my son the gift of live and granting him health.

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Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for your favours. It happened so that I got pregnant. I didn’t want another baby because I already have two. I told about this to my friend and she gave me a tea which was very effective according to her. After drinking it, I felt very sick for two days and I vomited right on the street. I went to a doctor, and he told me that I got poisoning. They immediately gave me an enema, and I got better. When the baby was born, he was very healthy by a miracle. I really didn’t want more children. I ask the Holy Child for forgiveness because I didn’t know who is the father and that’s why I wanted to abort the baby. I’m very sorry.

Sonia Guerrero

Anastacio Valencia was digging a hole for a well, and a very horrible scorpion came out. It attacked me, and I kicked it with a stick.

San Jose, Mai 11, 1939

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Holy Child of Atocha, thanks for your favors. It happened so that my friend and I went for bread, and a man jumped out before us and opened his coat showing us his parts. We told about this to our friends. The next night, we ran into this degenerate again. But our friends were hiding. They jumped out and gave him a beating so he didn’t show up anymore in our neighborhood. I thank the Holy Child for the exhibitionist didn’t come back.

Lidia Gomez, 1968

We wholeheartedly ask the Holy Child of Atocha, with this humble retablo, to end this pandemic, because we weren’t able to celebrate the Christmas holidays as we traditionally do because of COVID-19. We beg to be able to celebrate them the next year with all our relatives and friends.

The Lopez family, 2020

Roberto Guzman’s wife left him and two newborn twins. He fervently thanks the Child of Atocha for he managed to take care of the babies, while working to support them.

I wanted to impress my neighbor whom I was attracted to. I climbed up a tree to save her kitten, totally forgetting that I have a fear of heights. I thank the Holy Child of Atocha because the firefighters arrived to bring me down, since I was so scared I couldn’t move. The cat meanwhile came down by itself giving me a great embarrassment in front of the people and the girl. I promise not to pretend to be brave anymore to avoid being a ridicule.

Benito Segura / Morelia, Michoacan

I offer this retablo to the Divine Child of Atocha for the received favor of making my mother-in-law Chonita fall asleep while she was looking after the altar for the dead. She slept so deeply that I managed to eat a pastry. Pancracio Duran gives thanks.

Tehuixtla, Morelos
Painted by E. Espin P., November 1, 2014

Gonzalo Hernandez brings this retablo to the Child of Atocha giving infinite thanks for his retablos have been sold.

Puebla, 1978

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Rosenda is having a dream every night in which devils want to take her. One is from under the bed, and another gets in through the window. We entrust her to you, Holy Child of Atocha.

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Raquel Fernandez fell asleep on the beach for few hours and got badly sunburnt. She’s infinitely thankful to the Child of Atocha with the present retablo because she found out a very good cream that helped her to heal.

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I’m infinitely grateful to the Holy Child of Atocha for delivering us from dying drowning in Rio Bravo when we—my son and I—tried to cross it. The current was dangerously dragging us down, and I prayed to the Child and right away saw a branch. I grabbed it and managed to get us out of the river. We arrived well to our destination, finding a job in the United States. I ordered to make this retablo for receiving the favor.

Evaristo and son
Jerez, Zacatecas
December 8, 1980

Raul Gomez brings the present retablo, with great devotion, to the Child of Atocha in gratitude for helping him to win the table soccer championship.

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