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Raquel Fernandez fell asleep on the beach for few hours and got badly sunburnt. She’s infinitely thankful to the Child of Atocha with the present retablo because she found out a very good cream that helped her to heal.

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I had very bad luck in love and didn’t have a girl. One day I was looking through my grandfather’s things and I found his lotion “Siete Machos”. I remembered my grandfather telling me how it worked for him since he had a great success with women. I applied the lotion, but to my bad luck it only attracted old ladies and women over 40. I thank Saint Nicholas of Bari because the effect of the lotion finally has gone away. Otherwise, they didn’t even let me walk on the street.

Jorge Estrada ~ Villahermosa, Tabasco

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Thanks to Saint Jude I found a wonderful cream that I can smuggle from Mexico that cured the horrible seborrheic dermatitis on my face and scalp. I don’t have to worry now about these unsightly and embarrassing flares that kept men away from me. Thank you.

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I always though that my husband was a real «macho». So even more was my shock when one day I caught him in my dress and in make-up. But the Virgin of Zapopan suggested not to say anything to him, not to discuss it and just to be like nothing happened. I thank the Virgin because our marriage is still solid, although my hubby secretly continues to dress up.

I was very tired when I came back home. I was going to take a bath. I noticed that my husband had already filled the tub. I thanked the Virgin of Guadalupe for his care and attention. I began to wash off my make-up and then I saw a giant octopus in the mirror. I turned over. There was an enormous horrible octopus in our tub. It turned out that my husband, who is an oceanologist, had put it there for studying. It gave me the shivers to think that I might have gotten in the tub with the octopus and it might have grabbed me with the tentacles. I almost fainted. I thank the Virgin for protecting me.

I dedicate this retablo with my picture to Saint Francis of Assisi because two days ago he helped me to find a cream to depilate these ugly hairs that grow under my armpits on my legs, my arms end even on my face.

Zamora, 1960

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Sometimes I like to put women’s clothes on. I love the feeling of soft cloth on my skin, I love the shine of the jewels, the colors and the aroma of the cosmetics. And I love how it affects and transforms all my body. I thank the Virgin for an understanding wife, who has no problem with me using her clothes. Also because of that I buy her more dresses and shoes, and she knows that I have a very good taste.