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I, Zuleyma Nava, pay with this exvoto thanking for my Piolo stopped whoring and taking bath and jerking his weener with his friend Cholo. I pay with this in gratitude for fulfilling my request. Thanks.

Mexico City, 1989

I was bathing with my monkey, then the Bony came to the bathroom, and we chased her out for being too nosy.

Mexico, August 28, 1979

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Simetrio Enrique Fuentes dedicates this retablo because my wife Susana caught me in the bath with my gay martian boyfriend and hit us with a stick.

Mexico, March 1980

I give thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe who finally worked a miracle for me and liberated me from that voyeur neighbor who was always spying on me when I showered.

Señorita Angelica Moreno
Mexico City, 1971

Honorina Carrasco dedicates this retablo because when I entered the bathroom I found my old man in the bath with a martian gay and kicks him out with a stick.

Mexico, 1988

I, Zuleyma Rodriguez, pays the Virgin of Guadalupe with this retablo thanking for her husband Jose Salinas would get rid of this obsession of taking bath with the doorman.

Polanco, Mexico City, 1987

I thank the Virgin Mary because I can finally take bubble baths with my raccoon.

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We met in the wrestling, and it was an immediate attraction. We started our relationship, and we are a happy couple. We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe.

We met in the wrestling and became a couple. We are very happy but we don’t take our masks off to keep the mystery. We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for our big love.

The grandmother Macaria’s house is very big and very old. When we came to stay with her for few days, my girls went to the bathroom which was far from their bedrooms. On their way they met a ghost that was wondering around the house. They were very frightened. They were shaking and couldn’t speak. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for they have recovered from this fear and they even want to see the ghost again.

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Señor F. R. and his wife thank Saint Patrick with this retablo because they finally managed to save enough money for a giant bath in which they can make love since the two of them are pretty fat.

The Jaguar and I fell in love with each other while wrestling. Now we live together, but we still remain enemy at the ring. We will never take off our masks. However, we thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for our happiness.

Aunt Clara left a house in countryside to my house. When we moved there, we found out, to our fear, that every night at 11:30 p.m., a ghost was coming out of the bathroom tap. The ghost was flying around the corridors, moaning and crying. Thanks to our prayers to the Virgin of Zapopan and tho requiem masses this soul rested in peace. We sleep calmly now and can use bathroom without being afraid of the ghost coming out.