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I thank Saint Anthony because I married a good man who loves me and the animals. He accepted me with my monkey, dogs, cats and parrot. Now we all live happily on his ranch.

I thank the Holy Heart for such a great good deed. I was on a trip to the Skull island in the Pacific looking for new species. There we caught an incredible huge ape called King Kong. We took him to New York to show to the people but he escaped leaving deaths and destruction. He grabbed me, without hurting me, and took me with him to the top of the highest skyscraper in the city. He was shot down, and my life was saved.

New York, 1934

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The monkey tugged my beard when Saint Lazarus appeared to tame this beast. I thank with this exvoto. I, the Bearded woman of the circus.

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One night a pretty big gorilla got into Hilda Hurtado’s room, and she almost died from fright.

Mexico, January 22, 1974

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I was bathing with my monkey, then the Bony came to the bathroom, and we chased her out for being too nosy.

Mexico, August 28, 1979

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Alfonsina Mendez was born with a monkey face, and an orangutan fell in love with me.

Mexico, 1974

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I thank the Haley’s Comet for her grace and power. Now I’m a great street artist and not only a bitter monkey. I’m happy and dedicate my life to entertain the audience of the towns I pass by.

Horacio, the juggler monkey
Mexico, 2017

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When my husband left me, I became a beggar. But I was unlucky because a pickpocket monkey stole my alms. I asked the Child of Atocha for help, and thanks to him the thief monkey and I became partners. Now the monkey shares the loot with me. The things are going very well, and I even have extra money to donate to the Holy Child.


A monkey steals fruits. Look after it, Virgin.

Gudelia, 1978

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We went to Veracruz to visit our aunts and uncles. When we were going in the boat some monkeys climbed over. They began to rock the boat, and we were afraid they would push us into the water full of crocodiles. But thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe we managed to escape safely from this difficult situation. No more animals attacked us during that trip. We thank for we went through it well.

Thanks for I won against the most intelligent monkey and saved my red horse.

We went to spend some time in my husband’s rancho near Catemaco. The place is beautiful but little bit wild. One day my parrot—which was a gift from my husband—escaped, and I ran for him through the forest. The parrot was flying among other parrots, and I followed it carrying my baby so I was going slower and slower. Finally I caught the parrot. That moment I realized that we were lost. I was scared and asked the Virgin for help. She sent a group of monkeys. They were making a lot of noise but guided us to the house. I thank for this miracle.

My husband got a job in Veracruz, and we moved to live in a wild place full of various animals and rattlesnakes. But the worst were the monkeys. When they came down from the trees to drink water they stole laundry. I was desperate. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because my husband got another job and we moved back to the civilization.