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Felipa R. and Teofila M. were competing for a man, so they fought hitting each other with flip-flops at the washing place. The both thank Saint Charbel with this retablo because they have realized what a nonsense it was and have dumped this potbellied fatso.

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Marcela Hernández was doing the laundry on the river when she saw a box with puppies that some heartless person had thrown into the water so that they would drown. She thanks the Virgin of Zapopan she could save and to raise those three puppies and now they are the joy of her life.

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I was doing my laundry on the river, with my daughter. I was distracted with very dirty sheets, and when I turned I saw my girl had been carried away by the current. I ran after her, imploring to the Virgin, and then I saw a dog coming after my daughter. The dog brought her to the shore. I thank the Virgin for sending me that dog who was definitely an angel in disguise sent for protecting us.

I was doing my laundry on the river. I was thinking over all my life problems and didn’t notice that one shirt had been taken by a current. I dove after it—it was my husband’s best shirt. I grabbed it and there underwater I felt calmness. Everything around was quiet and silent. My body relaxed, and I let the water to carry me. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for she made me react before I drowned. I got out few miles down the river with a great wish for life such as I had never had before.

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I was going down the stairs from the roof carrying the washing and stumbled on my son’s toys. I was worried that something bad would happen with my baby and ask the Holy Virgins for protection. And my baby was born healthy.

Guadalupe Silva
Mexico City, July 18, 2000

My neighbors were gossiping that my friend tried to seduce my husband. One day. when I met her during my laundry I grabbed her hair. Thanks to Saint Raymond, those rumors were lies. I made up with my friend, and the gossiping neighbors won’t upset us anymore.

Francisca Cruz, 1988

The Martinez sisters went to the river for laundry. The water was warm so they decided to bath themselves also. Suddenly they found themselves surrounded by crocodiles. Thy came out of blue but thanks to the protection of the Virgin of Zapopan the sisters were able to get out of the water before being attacked and eaten by those giant creatures. They thank the Virgin.

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Isabel Sandobal used to steal laundry from roofs. But she got caught and put behind bars. She promises the Virgin of Solitude to amend her ways.

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Mariana and Lupita Perez were picking up the laundry when the storm began and a lightning almost hit their house. By a pure miracle, at the last moment it changed the direction and hit a tree which got on fire immediately. Mariana, Lupita and their family thank Saint Michael Archangel for protecting their home from the lightning.

Juanita Garcia went to the river to do her laundry. Suddenly she felt very sleepy. She didn’t notice that she’d seated under a brugmansia tree. She started seeing strange things in her dream. Suddenly she saw the Virgin of the Rosary who told her “Wake up, my daughter! Wake up immediately! If you don’t wake up now, you’ll never do.” Juanita heard her dog barking and woke up. She thank the Virgin for saving her, because they say who falls asleep under a brugmansia tree will never wake up again.

I was doing laundry and fell asleep. Suddenly I was awoken by my dog barking. I opened my eyes and saw some martians trying to tie me and take me to their ship. I started screaming. The extraterrestrials got scared and ran away. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for my dog woke me up in time and, I think, even bit those martians.

Holy Child of Atocha, I thank you for all your favors. It happened so I went to gather some food for a sick cow a day before I had to give birth. I gathered a very heavy basket, that’s why my contractions began while I was doing my laundry. Thanks goodness, my friend Ramona was near and she helped me. I was very sick, but the worst part was that a baby died. I thank the Holy Child for consoling me.

Elena Montes
Puente de Ixtla, Morelos, 1937

My daughter Maria helped me with the laundry on the riverbank. She slipped on a stone, fell down to the bottom of the water. But the Virgin of the Ball sent two brave dogs to save her before she drowned. I thank the Virgin for the miracle, and now these two dogs live in our house.