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When Petra Dominguez went to the river to do laundry, she passed by two gossip women who made a joke about her. Then she returned, grabbed them by the hair and kicked their asses. She thanks Saint Charbel for she didn’t drown them in the river.

Puebla, 1917

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My daughter Luisa was playing in laundry at the river bank. She slipped on a smooth stone and fell into water. Thanks to Our Lady of the Rosary our dog which is very smart and swims very well was able to save the girl before she drowned. I give thanks to the Holy Virgin.

Barcelona, February, 2014

Thank you, Virgin, because that irritable misanthrope my father miraculously saved his life when he crashed his little plane in a windmill. He was left crippled, and Delta pensioned him off early. My mother and I are very happy because now he helps us about the house. But my sister isn’t thrilled about it because she can’t spend afternoons locked up in her room with her boyfriend anymore.

My boyfriend and I were going adventurous and experimenting with new things. We got an idea to make love on the roof, behind the water tank. But we didn’t figure that a neighbor would go there as well to hang her laundry. I asked Saint Barbara for help, and we got an idea to meow like cats so the neighbor didn’t catch us in act. I give thanks for that.

Karla R. ~ Pachuca, Hidalgo

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One day I was doing laundry on the river and fell asleep. Suddenly I was awoken by my dog barking, and I saw some martians trying to tie me up and take me to their ship. I started screaming. The extraterrestrials got scared and ran away leaving me. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for my dog woke me up in time and, I think, even bit one of those martians.

Having suffered much for laundry chores, I pray for holy intercession from St. Kenmore, to relieve me of this eternal burden. I promise this retablo.

July 20th, 2001
Louisa Barnett

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1927, Benita Ruiz’ husband kicked the bucked and she was left all alone. Benita entrusted herself to the Virgin of San Juan, and with her help she could survive with children working as a laundrywoman. She thanks the Virgin.

I went to the river to do the laundry. But since it was very hot, I laid down to sleep on the beach, in a shadow where it felt cool. I was dreaming of a handsome man who looked me in the eyes while talking about love. When I woke up I saw that it was a crocodile who was looking in my eyes. It was very close. Thank heaven for giving me fast reflexes. I instantly got up and ran far away before the animal did something to me. Later I came back for the clothes. I thank for I wasn’t eaten.

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I was hanging my laundry on when my daughter went to the river and was taken by the current. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because a dog appeared from nowhere and brought my daughter to the shore. After that the dog ran away. I know that dog was an angel sent by the Virgin to save my daughter.

With this retablo, I thank the Holy Virgin of the Bright Star because thanks to my prayers I found a very good and economic detergent of the “Sutil” brand that removes all the piss and poop stains from the sheets of my daughter Lupe.

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My husband got a job in Veracruz, and we moved to live in a wild place full of various animals and rattlesnakes. But the worst were the monkeys. When they came down from the trees to drink water they stole laundry. I was desperate. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because my husband got another job and we moved back to the civilization.

My neighbors were gossiping that my friend flirted with my husband. One day when I met her near the laundry sinks on the roof I grabbed her hair. Thanks to Saint Raymond, those rumors turned out to be pure lies. I made up with my friend, and the gossiping neighbors won’t upset us ever again.

Francisca Cruz ~ Villahermosa, Tabasco

Felipa R. and Teofila M. were competing for a man, so they fought hitting each other with flip-flops at the washing place. The both thank Saint Charbel with this retablo because they have realized what a nonsense it was and have dumped this potbellied fatso.

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