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We thank you, Guardian Angel, for protecting our daughter from the beings of the night and always looking after her.

Fidel & Julia, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1967

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I thank the Divine Providence because my daughter Rosita doesn’t have nightmares anymore.

Sra. Rosita Mendez
Mexico City, 1961

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I thank for it all was a dream when I fell asleep under the brugmansia tree, and the devil didn’t take my little sister.

Mexicali, 2020

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When I was a teenager, I was often harassed by a monster in my dreams. One night, after entrusting myself to the Archangel Michael, I cut the monster’s head, and I’ve never seen the monster again after that dream.

Daniel Bø, 25–11–1999, Oslo

I was drowning in the world of problems and worries, but one night the Virgin sent me a wonderful dream in which I flew through the sky scattered with stars guided by two little angels. Before this starry immensity I saw that my problems weren’t so big and so many. So now I’m living my life with much more optimism and serenity. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary.

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When I was sick with jaundice I used to have terrible nightmares in which I was going to the cemetery, and there skeletons raped me, and those bastards even took turns.

Juliana Mejia T.
Mexico City, 1967

A giant spider used to build his web over my bed every night, and it looked me down with its devil eyes. At the mornings there was no spider. I cleaned up the web, but the next night it started all over again. Finally, after many prayers to Saint Barbara, I had a dream in which the saint pierced the spider with her sword. So the next night the spider didn’t come. I thank for that.

Valentina Suarez, November 3, 1946
Xalapa, Mexico

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I, Juan Gomez, pay with this retablo giving infinite thanks for not dying drowning in Rio Bravo when I tried to cross it to the United States to get my American dream. I couldn’t do it because of this racist Donald Trump, but I had a dream in which I saw a skeleton pulling Trump to the hell for being such a pig. Viva Mexico, bastards!

May 18, 2019

My wife used to have terrifying nightmares because she read horror stories. She woke up at night screaming and kicking around. She even pushed me off the bed. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my wife is into love stories now. She tells that she has nice dreams about handsome men, she looks like she kisses them at her dream, and we both can sleep in peace.

Señora Sandra Robledo was constantly having a dream in which she was raped by two devils. She prayed a lot to Saint Pancras, and those nightmares disappeared. She brings the present retablo in gratitude for this favor.

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Fidelia Tecanguey had a dream in which the painter Frida inspired her to paint. She started painted since then. She entrusted herself to Saint Pancras whom she brings the present retablo thanking him for she even sold some painting.

Puebla, 1947

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My Mother, I was dreaming about a man from my book for 10 days. He was dark and evil, he scared me, but he was handsome. I wanted him in my bed. A man from the market reminded me about this man, so I started to desire him. I prayed to you to help me with it, since I didn’t want to wallow in my desires. May you be blessed Mother because you sent me your love and power to overcome this desire.

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When I was a little boy, I watched the movie “It” and I was so traumatized by it that I had nightmares with the Pennywise clown. Even when I got to my adult age, I still lived with this fear. Then some friends recommended me to watch the new version to confront and overcome my trauma. But it only made it worse. Now I had nightmares with the both clowns. I thank Saint Benedict because, by entrusting myself to him, I finally can sleep in peace.


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