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I was a very gossipy woman. Every time I went to the market it was about gossiping around. But one day, as soon as I arrived at the market, I felt a strong sulfur smell. Then I had a horrible apparition with wings and horns. Oh my God, it was the devil himself. Frightened as hell, I would never gossip again nor would I talk badly about any person. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Gudelia Ramirez,
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico
January 7, 1959

Carlos Alonso was completely lost in the drugs. One day he had a hallucination with a devil biting his arm. He thanks Saint Michael for this experience and promises to go to rehab.

Thank you, Virgin, you forgave me for falling so low.

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The golden eagle saved me and took away a devil that molested me. Thanks.

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I was feeling sick and went to the bed early. I was dreaming. Suddenly I saw big colorful demons dancing around and singing like a chorus. I prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe because I knew I wasn’t a big sinner after all and my bad deeds weren’t so bad that the devils should come after me. It seemed the Virgin protected me, because the demons began to dance away and escape through the window. I felt relieved. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving me from eternal fire.

I prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe so much for saving me from these terrible nightmares. I was suffering from a repeated dream about being brutally raped by devils. The Virgin heard my prayers and now I sleep calmly and peacefully. I dedicate this retablo in order to thank the Virgin.

San Antonio Aguas Calientes, 1959

I thank the Lord of Saucito because he helped my husband to overcome his addiction to Diet Doctor Pepper.

Nicolasa Guzman had a dream in which she was marrying the devil. She woke up frightened. She offers this retablo to Saint Michael the Archangel and promises to stop stealing at her work.

I was coming back home after buying a piglet, when a devil made my horse to stumble on the rocks. That devil had been following me for days, doing his shenanigans. There were a lot of cacti in that place where my horse stumbled. But thanks to the Virgin nor the horse, nor the piglet, nor I fell into them but landed on the grass. After that accident I bought a medallion of the Virgin of Zapopan, and the furious devil had to leave me in peace.

A devil used to come to my dreams every night and tortured me. I prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe, and she sent me an angel who drove the devil away.

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My daughter Laura is a real beauty but when she got angry she cursed like a sailor. I was so ashamed and embarrass for her, I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan. One day my daughter was about to curse but instead there were frogs, snakes and little devils falling out of her mouth. Now she speaks rather cautiously, chasing the right words and trying to speak politely. I thank the Virgin for this miracle.

A real she-devil came to our town. She looked like a nice, well-educated, friendly lady, but my friends and I were afraid of her. There was always the sulphur smell after she left. But we were so scared and afraid that she could do something to us or our families, we couldn’t refuse to have her when she visited us. She always came for a tea, or a dinner. And she was very voracious. We thank the Blessed Sacrament because on the Holy Week the she-devil disappeared and we haven’t seen her since.