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The piglets were taken by a devil, but thanks, Virgin, they escaped.

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Rosenda is having a dream every night in which devils want to take her. One is from under the bed, and another gets in through the window. We entrust her to you, Holy Child of Atocha.

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I tried to cross the desert and get to the another side. I walked meaninglessly for many hours, and then I began to feel sick. I decided to take a rest. I sat down, and a scorpion stung my hand. I though I was going to die. In that moment, a devil himself appeared before me and offered to save me in exchange for my soul. I prayed the Virgin for help… and managed to get to the hospital alive. I give thanks.

Ruperto, Sonora, 2020

I thank you, Virgin of Carmel, because I managed to get out of hell where I stayed because I couldn’t stand my ex-wife.

Jasinto, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1969

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James Eddy gives infinite thanks to J & J, Pfizer, Moderna, Big Pharma, Dr Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, healthcare workers and all the other miracle makers who made shit happen. My ticket out of hell — issued April 8, covid-21. San Francisco, California.

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The great wrestler El Santo thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for delivering him from the evil that attacked him and wanted to take him away.

Mexico City, Mexico, 1965

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I thank for I have a new boss now who gives me everything—woman and liquor non-stop.

Priest Fidel — Oaxaca, Mexico, 1965

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Exvoto for disgrace received.

Bicrippled surveyor Terreno
Tue., Nov. 2, 1993, Giaveno

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I thank the Holy Lord of Chalma for letting me get out alive from a dangerous open heart surgery. I asked you so much not to let the devil take me, and now I’m alright.

Antonio M.
Mexico City, September 6, 1990

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I thank for it all was a dream when I fell asleep under the brugmansia tree, and the devil didn’t take my little sister.

Mexicali, 2020

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I, Raul Contreras Avila, pay with this exvoto to the Holy Face giving infinite thanks for the devil didn’t do me any harm when I was taking bath, as I was naked and all alone and got very much scared.

Mexico City, 1988

Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for I realized who are women in reality, where do they come from and why do they have power to seduce.

Oaxaca, Mexico, 1960

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Saint Rita of Cascia, I offer you this ex-voto thanking you for not giving me diabetes because I got very much frightened when I was passing by drunk and the Death and the Devil himself appeared to me. I ran away to my house because my stomach was bursting. But then I realized it was the Day of the Dead and people dressed up like that to ask for sweets because it’s the tradition of all Mexicans. Viva la Catrina and those who celebrate the Day of the Dead!

Grateful chilango, November 1 and 2, 2014
Mixquic, Mexico City