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Exvoto for disgrace received.

Bicrippled surveyor Terreno
Tue., Nov. 2, 1993, Giaveno

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Immigrants who sank at the drift in Mediterranean sea searching for a better life. They ran from the terrible wars, injustice, discrimination and poverty in their countries, risking their life by facing their destiny—men, women and children. I thank the Christ of the Ocean for they were saved and taken to the coast of Italy, country that opened the doors of friendship and humanity receiving them with respect to the life, for a better world. Bless the path of all immigrants in the world.

A grateful chilango Alfredo Vilchis R.
Corner of the miracles, Minas de Cristo, Mexico City, 2017

Carolina Robledo sincerely and warmly thanks Saint Jerome because he fulfilled her great wish to visit Italy and to see one of the last performances of Luciano Pavarotti.

18-years old Cesare di Michele Tocchini, chased by his brother with the knife in his hand, was overtook by his sister-in-law, that brother’s wife. She held the poor young man by hair, then she grabbed the breadknife from the counter and began to stab him pitilessly—like a barbarian. Cesare fell on the ground. The people ran up there and took the knife from the cruel woman. The young man severely wounded was taken to the hospital where he was recovering for the next 45 days thanks to the Virgin of Montenero’s protection. It happened on the Ciglio street, August 1, 1840.

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Aldo Bossi thanks for surviving during the boiler explosion.

The hotel “Eliseo”, Rome
October 22, 1929

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The fact that the aggression happened during sleep makes this miracle highly improbable. But the most interesting part of this ex-voto is rather the date, 1903. The phrase “flying saucers” hadn’t been invented yet. So we’re talking about extraordinary and prophetic dream.

Caption: Luisella Caldart was abducted by two flying saucers while, in her sleep, she was hovering over her home town.
Valdobbiadene, October 1903

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