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At the end of the year, in my lands, I met a stray dog, in which I saw bad intentions. It was approaching to bite me. As I saw its fangs, I prayed to the Lord of the Lightnings, who seeing me playing on guitar heard my prayers and protected me.

Gil Perez
Zacatecas, MMX

James Eddy gives infinite thanks to Louise Eddy for helping him find his voice.

San Francisco, CA
December 2020

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Señor Juan Gutierrez brings the present retablo testifying his gratitude to Saint John Bosco who made so he was given a job as a music teacher, and the things are going very well, and he’s got very good students.

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The band “Chiapanec melodies” formed by Lucas, Jose and Efren, dedicate the present retablo in gratitude to the Virgin of Guadalupe for letting them to perform every weekend at the town bandstand bringing joy to the people’s hearts with their marimba which they play with all their enthusiasm.

Chiapas, Mexico

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A housemaid Juaquina Romero brings this retablo to the Virgin of the Solitude infinitely thanking her because her mistress, the painter Frida, gave her her device to listen the music.

Mexico, 194*

Adriano Castillo, the guitarist of the rock band “The Black Cats”, got his hair on fire at the end of a gig when the sparklers at the end of his guitar exploded. He was very frightened. He thanks Saint Augustine for his face didn’t burn and he just lost part of his full head of hair.

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

I, a street musician, was walking with my doggies Canico and Capi, when suddenly the bony death appeared dancing to the rhythm of my violin. I was so scared, I implored the Holy Cross, and it disappeared.

Anastacio Valdez

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May you be blessed, Virgin of Guadalupe, for I got my voice back. I was left unable to speak, and I implored you promising this retablo if you’d help me. You know that’s how I earn my living performing serenades and songs in taverns here in Garibaldi. Look after me in my job, and I promise to dedicate you a cantata on every December 12.

Juan Perez, Mexico City

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I give thanks to Saint John for enlightening my path and bringing fortitude and music to my life.

Edoardo Merodio Espinosa, 2018

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— It’s work…
— The most important thing is work…

This work is a redux of an ex-voto painted almost 10 years ago. The original text reads «To the ghost of Andy Warhol and the attitude of Lou Reed. Keep me on the straight and narrow path of hard work. As Alan Davie wrote to me [in 1997] “Magic (in art) comes from lots of hard work—No easy way!” 25th March 2007». The original work resides in Wellington, N.Z. in the Sweetman collection. The work is also important nod to the album “Songs for Drella” by Reed and John Cale, a huge influence.

Matthew Couper, Nov 3rd, MMXVI

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Our mariachi band singer got sick, and we didn’t know what to do. So our violinist Lupita offered herself to substitute her and she told us that she sings beautifully. We were surprised because it wasn’t true and, instead of singing, she screamed like a dog run over by a car. With all our hearts, we thank Saint Cecily for our main singer recovered her health because those days with Lupita were a real torture and we were frightened to be kicked out of the restaurant we played in.

Mariachi “Sun of Tlaquepaque”, Jalisco

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Thanks to Saint Jude Thaddeus because he made possible the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of North-American United States. To celebrate his election and the MLK birthday, I dance and sing with mariachi at the Paseo de la Reforma near the American embassy.

Gabrielle Civil, January 24, 2009

My throat was inflamed and I couldn’t sing. I almost lost my voice. I entrusted myself, with great devotion, to the Holy Child Doctor of the Ill to heal me. The Child helped me, and now I’m singing again and eve better than ever. I thank for that with this retablo.

Lucha Gituerrez — Chihuhua, 1938

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