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When I was very young, I had a beautiful experience of meeting Pedro Infante in person. He was shooting a movie in a few blocks from my house. Every day I was going to look him acting, and one day, after the filming, he came to me and gave me his sombrero. I thank Saint James the Apostle for having lived this moment which I never forget and for having this memory about my idol.

Teresita Islas \ Mexico City

My patrons asked me to cook some mole and two turkeys. I was feeling bad to kill birds. I thank Saint Paschal because I convinced my patrons to have another dish and they even gave me those two turkeys as a gift. I took them back to my hut, and I’m very glad.

Asuncion Toxqui ~ Cholula, Puebla

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I’m infinitely grateful to Saint Paul the Apostle for having met Leo. He is my best client, and the last time he ordered me to be together he told me that it’d be our last time because he had to leave the country for work. But he was so generous, that the next day he surprised me by presenting me a car which will be a big help for me.


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I wanted to surprise my family so I dressed up as Santa Claus and got in the house to put the gifts around. One thing I didn’t think through is that my dog Rambo wouldn’t recognize me, attack me and chase all around the house. I thank Saint Charbel for my wife could hold the dog before he did more damage to the house and bit my rented Santa Claus costume in pieces.

Abelino Torres, Puebla

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We thank Jesus Malverde because the cartel people brought the Christmas presents to the children, as they do every year.

Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, 2018

I give thanks to Saint Jude Thaddeus for granting me the freedom. I was arrested for taking money for the lottery tickets I’d sold. But you know well that I took them to buy Christmas presents for my children. I did it because they’ve never received presents. And today, January 6, my boss found out the truth and withdrew his complaint saying that I’m innocent because he was also a boy once and he’s also a father.

Mexico City, 1968
Melchor Garcia Baltazar

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Doña Romanita Montiel felt very lonely, that’s why she implored Saint Pancras, and the next day a neighbor presented her to the painter Frida Kahlo who gave her a parrot. Now she’s not so lonely, and she’s infinitely grateful for that, although the parrot is very insolent.

Puebla, 1937

A housemaid Juaquina Romero brings this retablo to the Virgin of the Solitude infinitely thanking her because her mistress, the painter Frida, gave her her device to listen the music.

Mexico, 194*

Gregoria Romero brings this retablo to Saint Pancras in gratitude for her friend Frida is very happy with a parrot she brought her from Chiapas. The thing she likes the most about the bird that it’s very insolent, just like Diego.

Mexico, 1949

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April 16, 1974, my father and I were at the Arena Coliseo watching a wrestling match with El Santo, my greatest idol. I had suffered an accident which left me paralyzed. At the end of the event, Santo came down where we were and gave me one of his masks. Eventually, I began to walk again.

Mario, 1996

I thank the citizens of San Evelio del Volcan for giving me their civic votes. Although I won by six votes—which are more precious than gold—I will try hard for everyone. Now those who didn’t vote for me, I ask them to give back the gifts received during the campaign. It would be fair. This retablo is made by MLE in exchange of a food basket and two tickets to the movies.

Aureliano Quijano, mayor elected by the voters

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because Hugo isn’t angry with me anymore because “Chivas” (“Goats”) won 8–0–0 over “Cruz Azul” (“Blue Cross”), and he returned to me, and we’ve just celebrated 6 months together. I gave him a player Kikin t-shirt because it doesn’t matter to me if he’s so irritable, I love him as he is, and I don’t care what people say.

Perla, “Goat” in heart
Mexico City — June 2, 2006

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A seamstress Domitila Betansos brings this retablo to the Virgin of the Solitude giving her thanks because she met the painter Frida who gave her a great present—a sewing machine that she lacked so much.

Puebla, 1939