Virgin of the Solitude

Virgen de la Soledad

Demetrio Vargas went to swim. I fainted, but a mermaid piggy saved my life from drowning.

Veracruz, December 4, 1955

To Margarita, Goddess of love, two jackals got into her room, and she almost died out of fear.

Mexico, December 17, 1970

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We thank Our Lady of the Solitude for bringing us to a safe harbor when we got caught by the hurricane Gilberto.

Crew of “Sirena II”

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Spheres fell down from the sky, and I got cured from my illness.

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On the day of the blessing of the animals, I sent my children to the town so the priest would bless our small animals. When they were returning home, a huge eagle thought that our animals looked very delicious. It flew down to catch any of them, but as they already had the blessing they were protected by it, and the Virgin scared the eagle who flew away with an empty stomach.

I’m going to thank Our Lady of the Solitude for sending me a cure from a horrible disease that I carelessly caught from a client. Finding myself in such a bad condition, I implored the Virgin, and now I’m back to work honestly as a whore at this corner that feeds me.

Julia Barrera — Merced, Mexico City, 2001

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I thank my dear Virgin. The fish that had eaten me choked, and I saved myself.

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Raul Martinez thanks the Virgin of the Solitude with this retablo because she helped him to save enough money to buy a hearing device to his grandpa. His life has become much easier.

I was going back to my hut when suddenly a bandit jumped out on my way. He was going to hurt me. I thank the Virgin of the Solitude for giving me the courage to grab the pistol from the bandit and defend myself. I saved my life, after all I have three kids who totally depend on me.

Apolonia T. — Chihuahua, Mexico

A black bow fly came to my house together with a skeleton. Thanks for they are friendly.

Puebla, March 18, 1940

Isabel Gomez brings this retablo to the Virgin of the Solitude giving infinite thanks for she could see her friend the painter Frida is very much happy with her pets.

Mexico, 1945

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Catarina Ramos was a very timid person, but she learnt to dance striptease and now makes very good money to support her son. She thanks the Virgin of the Solitude for helping her to overcome her fears.

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Eufemio Rosales went to gather pulque and on his way back met a witch. He thanks the Virgin of the Solitude for he could get safely to his hut, although he and his donkey made huge shit from fear.

Puebla, 1912