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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras because my goats and sheep are healthy and keep multiplying.

Carlos de Lima
Boa Vista de Lima, Tacaimbo, Pernambuco

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Marcelina Valdez went to steal apples from don Cresencio. But she didn’t know that he had a very angry goat whom he used as a guard. The goat poked Marcelina with the horns. She thanks the Virgin for don Cresencio saw it and puled the goat away. Marcelina had to admit her shameful intent and to ask for Cresencio for forgiveness. She ended up with few bruises, and promises to the Virgin to not steal ever again.

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A hail storm ruined the roof of the corral. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because my husband, although reluctantly, but let the animals seep in the house until he could repair the roof and until it won’t be so cold outside.

Mariana Rios

A grave illness hit the animals. I asked the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe of Mexico to look after my animals. With all my heart, I entrusted my goats, piglets, chicken and asked to not lose our corn field. Since no animal died she thanks offering the present retablo.

Cipriana Garcia
El Progreso, S. L. P., November, 1954

The boy Pedrito Vazquez decided to tease the goat. The goat got angry, hit the boy and broke him two ribs. Pedrito thanks Saint Patrick for this lesson and promises not to be such a naughty boy.

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My goat died giving birth. But thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan my cow Nicolasa who also had a newborn calf accepted the baby goats and fed them. I thank the Virgin.

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The little goat of my daughter Silvana ran on the road and was hit by a track. It was in very bad condition, and we prayed the Virgin of Zapopan so that the poor animal would survive. The Virgin worked the miracle, and few weeks later the goat got cured. Now it’s like a new one—runs and jumps. We offer this retablo for that.

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We thank the Virgin of Zapopan because, although the goat is very stubborn and the pig doesn’t like to walk and we had to carry it, we managed to bring them to the animal blessing.

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I thank Saint Clare because I met a fellow countryman with a sufficiently pretty and big truck so I can put on my sister, my wife, my eight children and even my goat during the parade in my town Villa Escalante.

One night I was coming back home from a bar. I decided to take a short cut through the mountain. There I saw the devil goat. I made the sign of the cross and ran away, although I was pretty drunk. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary because I managed to arrive to my house, the monster didn’t slobber all over me and I only got some gray hair with fright.

My son plays flute so wonderful that all the farm animals dance around him and the birds lay more eggs, and the goats give more milk, and the pigs have more piglets. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for giving my son this magic talent. Thanks to his music our farm prospers.

Carolina Pardo had a fever. She saw that her husband is a goat. She got so frightened. She thanks Saint Barbara because now she’s better and she doesn’t see hallucinations anymore.

One of my goats fell down a mountain slope. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because I was able to save her and the goat only hurt one leg.

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