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I had a fall and injured my leg. I was very sad thinking that maybe I could never join my dance group again. I prayed Saint Jude Thaddeus for my recovery, and he made me a miracle of curing me. Now I can dance son jarocho again which I’m so much passionate about. May you be blessed.

Veracruz, Mexico

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I put too much liquor in my punch at the Christmas party in my neighborhood. Since I was getting tipsy, I came where doña Juanita was about to hit the piñata and she gave me such a tremendous blow in the head that I even saw stars. I give thanks to the Virgin of Juquila because nothing serious happened and I only got a lump. I promise not to drink so much on these December holidays.

Lucio Pacheco, Puebla

In 1935, in Puebla, torero Pascual Luna was gored in his buttock. He was in bad condition. Since doctors couldn’t heal the wound, he implored the Virgin of San Juan and was cured. He gives infinite thanks for that with the present retablo.

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Because Bernardo Pacheco, a turner, came to work being hungover, he stumbled and hit his snout against the machine. The bleeding wouldn’t stop, so he implored Saint Patrick and got healed. He gives infinite thanks for that.

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Pedro Perez got very drunk, fell asleep on a nopal cactus and suffered many cuts. He’s infinitely grateful to the Virgin of San Juan for this lesson and promises to straighten up.

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A tennis player Jose Guadalupe Ramirez received a powerful blow in his eye with a tennis ball. It caused a retinal dissection and put his career in danger. He fervently thanks Saint John Bosco because it’s been cured.

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The fall of 2004, like every other fall, my brother and I went to the corner of the alley to pick up walnuts from don Lucho’s tree. We hit the tree with stones, and the walnuts were falling down. One day in April that year, I was looking up to see falling walnuts, and a stone hit me in the face. All my face was in blood. While I was crying, my brother and a fatso were dying laughing and clapped imitating the sound of the impact. I have this bump left by the stone till this day. I also have tattoos and a wound in my heart. I thank the life because without this scars I wouldn’t be who I am.

I, Punkychico, La Granja, Zona Sur, 2004

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My brother Eduardo Davila was working at a building construction and fell off the roof. I saw him falling and entrusted him to God to save his life, in spite of falling from up high. But he continued to fall and broke his neck and fell on the lady who was selling tacos, and she lost the use of her legs after the blow.

Gulliermo Davila, August 16, 1974

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Gregorio Robledo worked as a double in a movie, and he was accidentally stabbed in the back with a sword. He gives infinite thanks to Saint Charbel with this retablo because it wasn’t very serious and he’s already got out of the hospital.

Agustin Mendoza was doing acrobatic tricks on his monocycle, when a car ran a red light and hit him. He gives many thanks to the Child of Atocha because he only suffered a leg fracture and the guilty one is in the jail.

I make this retablo to thank Saints Emeterius and Celedonius who were helping me, for 4 years, with my shoulder injury which hurt so much. I thought I could never paint again. Although it still hurts, I can make painting for living. That’s why I want to ask Saint Lucy, patroness of the vision, to help me, Dario Ortiz, so I could keep on seeing everything I love to see.

Mexico City, April 2021

Luisa Ramos was modeling for an adult magazine, climbing on a tree. But the branch broke off, and she fell down. She thanks Saint Nicholas for she only broke her arm and will be back to her usual activities soon.

Once I helped my friend to carry his paintings. I broke my heel on the stairs and twisted my leg. I crashed down. I checked the paintings, they were safe, but my middle finger was bent somehow not right. I put him in his place. The I wrapped it in cabbage leaves for a month.

I thank my Guardian Angel because my finger became normal without any doctor’s help.

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