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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for not losing my eye and going blind when I was gathering prickly pears and one fell down in my eye hitting me with thorns.

Timoteo Hernandez Lopez
July 16, 1968, Torreon

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The mariachi singer Juan Jose Ruiz came to perform in a restaurant while being drunk. The audience got angry and started to throw food at him. He was hit in the eye. He thanks Saint Pancras for the recovery and promises to be more professional.

I thank Saint Liberata. When I was performing at the Plaza in Tabasco, the bull Fanfarron got me badly. But I was lucky—I got only one leg amputated and one eye removed. I’m recovering quite quickly so I could back to bullfighting as soon as possible.

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My husband told me that he was going to paint our house with a friend’s help while I’d be visiting our daughter and grandsons in Guanajuato. But when I came back I found that the friend was Pedro Rosas, an old fashion hippy, and that he had convinced my husband to paint the house with psychedelic colors and images. Our house was a nightmare. There were eyes looking from the walls. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because I convinced my husband that all that was insane. Now, after repainting all with white paint our house is inhabitable again.

Virgin, thank you for the favor.

Maria Reyes

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Virgin of San Juan, thank for your favors. A cockfight was going on, and it seemed that my cock was going to win. I cheered him but then suddenly the other cock owner stab me in my eye. My eye fell off and I almost lost it. I thank the Virgin for enlightening the surgeon who worked on me.

Ambrosio Ibarra
Leon, Guanajuato, 1961

When we moved in another house, my daughter began to suffer from nighttime fears. She used to see threatening eyes and have nightmares. She woke up crying and screaming. We prayed her guardian angel for protection, and he chase the darkness away with his light. Now he keeps company to my daughter while she sleeps, and she has no more fears.

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The fireman German Linares went up a tree to save a cat but the cat attacked him instead. He almost lost his eye. German thanks Saint Charbel with all his devotion for the recovery.

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Carlos Romero used to bread fighting roosters. One day a rooster didn’t recognize its master, attacked him, crabbed his face and tore one eye. Carlos thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for recovering. He offers her this retablo and promise to keep himself away from this job.

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Francisco Rivera loved spying on the girls through a hole in the toilet. But one day he payed for that when he was pricked in an eye. He thanks the Virgin of the Solitude for he didn’t go blind and promises to mend his ways.

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Mrs. Alisia thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because her son Juanito is feeling well and his eye is all right. He played with the spin-top and hit himself in the left eye almost losing it.

January 6, 1990
Tacubaya, Mexico City

My daughter Marta suffered from terrible nightmares. She woke up crying because she was chased in her dream by monsters, shadows and eyes in the darkness. I entrusted her dreams to the Divine Shepherdess, and she sent her sweet dreams back to her.

I was afraid of the dark since childhood. I couldn’t overcome it. One day I went to the cellar to get some oil, and the door was shut by a whiff of air. I was locked in the cellar. I couldn’t get out. It was dark, I started to see angry eyes, sharp fangs and hands that were about to grab me. I was losing my mind. Then I started to pray to the Holy Child of Atocha who became a light of sanity for me until my daughter came back and unlocked me.