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I lost my vision because of an illness, and it depressed me greatly, since I live alone. I’m infinitely grateful to Saint Lucy, with this humble retablo, for having a seeing-eye dog Spike. Apart from being my eyes when I go out, he’s also my best friend.

Roberto Hernandez \ Mexico City

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My daughter and I were having refreshments in the garden when our cat, while catching butterflies, pushed a flower pot that fell right on my head. I was seeing double and burry for few days after that. I though I’d go blind, and I prayed Saint Lucy. She worked a miracle, and my vision recovered. Now I see well again, and I thank for that.

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I thank because my eyes are finally open and now I see everything!

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I make this retablo to thank Saints Emeterius and Celedonius who were helping me, for 4 years, with my shoulder injury which hurt so much. I thought I could never paint again. Although it still hurts, I can make painting for living. That’s why I want to ask Saint Lucy, patroness of the vision, to help me, Dario Ortiz, so I could keep on seeing everything I love to see.

Mexico City, April 2021

When Martina Gutierrez was chatting with her friend Graciela, a flowerpot fell on her head. It was pushed from the roof by a cat. After the blow Martina began to see double and blurred. She was frightened that she might go blind, and she entrusted herself to Saint Lucy. The saint heard her prayers, and few days later Martina was back to see normally again. She dedicated this retablo as gratitude.

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I met my friend Carolina and we started to chat. Suddenly some cats began falling on us. They were fighting on the roof. When they fall they hit a flower pot and it fell on my head. I began to see double after the blow. I saw non-existing tings also, strange buildings, odd people and weird animals. I prayed the Holy Virgin to heal me. I thank her because two days later everything was back to normal.

Facundo Moralez was repairing a stereo system and suddenly lost his vision. He prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe and the vision came back to him. He thanks for this great miracle.

Mexico, 1970

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Luis Ramirez thanks Saint John Bosco with this retablo for not losing his sight after received a tremendous blow during a fight in the ring.

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I thank Saint Raymond for saving me from my husband’s rage when he caught me with my friend who hid under the bed, so my husband didn’t noticed him because he’s near-sighted.

Tlaxcala, 1927

Luna Salcedo was rehearsing her act with the elephant and fell of his back. He fell on the rocks, hit the head and started to see double. She was afraid she would going to be blind. So she prayed to the Virgin of San Juan and now thanks because she sees even better than before.

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The devil made my horse stumble, and I fell and hit my head on the rocks on the road. After that I continue to see the devil for many days. The devil mocked me, and I saw him even with closed eyes. So I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan, and she made this vision disappear. Now I see normal and see no devil.

My son Juanito was flying a kite on the hill but fell and hit his head on a stone. After that he started seeing double. I prayed to the Holy Child with the Ball because I worried that my son would go blind. The Child worked the miracle and Juanito got better. Now he sees normal and I’m thanking for it.