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I lost my vision because of an illness, and it depressed me greatly, since I live alone. I’m infinitely grateful to Saint Lucy, with this humble retablo, for having a seeing-eye dog Spike. Apart from being my eyes when I go out, he’s also my best friend.

Roberto Hernandez \ Mexico City

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I thank the Virgin of Perpetual Help for helping me to get chosen into the figure skating team of the Pantitlan neighborhood despite of being slightly overweight and blind since birth. With Virgin’s help we will beat the crafty ones from Tlauac.

I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for I didn’t go blind after being beaten by a rattlesnake.

Orcinda Leadro Curreia
Ibimirin, Pernambuco

Facundo Moralez was repairing a stereo system and suddenly lost his vision. He prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe and the vision came back to him. He thanks for this great miracle.

Mexico, 1970

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My son Juanito was flying a kite on the hill but fell and hit his head on a stone. After that he started seeing double. I prayed to the Holy Child with the Ball because I worried that my son would go blind. The Child worked the miracle and Juanito got better. Now he sees normal and I’m thanking for it.

Alfredo M. was badly beaten during a protest. He was severely injured and had a risk of becoming blind. He thanks Saint James with this retablo because it didn’t happened and he’s got recovered.

Amalita Moreno had some refreshments in the garden, when the cat push a flowerpot down on her. The pot hit her on the head. Her vision became blurry and she started seeing double. She prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan for not going blind. Her prayers were heard and the same week she could see without problems.