Child with the Ball

Niño de la Bola

I bought some quesadillas with mushrooms for the dinner so we could have something light that won’t give us any nightmares at night. But I couldn’t imagine they were so light. I saw my children getting up in the air from their beds and floating into the window like feathers and flying up to the Moon. I was scared they would be lost in space, so I invoked the Holy Child with the Ball. He made the miracle so my sons changed their direction and flew back to the house and back to their beds. Then I tied and rolled them into the blankets so they wouldn’t fly out again.

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My daughter is so small and light, that one windy day she opened her umbrella and was taken up in the air by a strong wind. I’m grateful to the Holy Child with the Ball for protecting her. She landed softly and didn’t get hurt, although she was floating very high.

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I thank Holy Child with the Ball because my wedding was unforgettable. Not only I married my beloved one, but also during the banquet thousands of butterflies flew over to celebrate with us. They were flying around us fluttering their satin wings. Thanks to that miracle nobody will forget the happiest day of my life.

Margarita Rojos de Moreno

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My little daughter is a very good swimmer, but I still worried that she might swim far and couldn’t get back to the shore. So I thank the Holy Child because our faithful dog became her nanny and it brings her back every time after swimming. With such a helper I can rest and do not worry very much.

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I married a widow and on our wedding night I found out that every time I looked in a mirror I reflected in it as a skeleton. That was because my husband’s first wife bewitched the house. I was scared and prayed to the Holy Child with the Ball. Afterwards I ordered three requiem masses. She has rested in peace, and I thank the Holy Child.

My husband inherited a house and a ranch. When we moved there, I was scared to find out that there was a ghost of a woman that appeared from my bathroom’s mirror by nights. It cried and moaned. Thanks to my prayers to the Holy Child with the Ball and to three requiem masses, the ghost has rested in peace.

My son Juanito was flying a kite on the hill but fell and hit his head on a stone. After that he started seeing double. I prayed to the Holy Child with the Ball because I worried that my son would go blind. The Child worked the miracle and Juanito got better. Now he sees normal and I’m thanking for it.