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On a picnic, my daughter followed some butterflies and went far away from us. We were playing and didn’t notice that she wasn’t there. She didn’t know how to return and got very scared. Instead of going back she walked far away. Then she asked the Holy Spirit for help. That moment, a light breeze came up and the seeds of the dandelion that she was holding in her hand flew away. She followed them, and they brought her to where we were searching her.

One morning Lupita Mendez woke up, and her room was filled with giant black butterflies. She thanks Saint Rita with this retablo for she didn’t have a heart attack although she was very frightened.

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for having a garden, and butterflies and birds in it, and the breeze on my skin, and the sunlight over my face. I know many people live in giant grey cement buildings or in some dry deserted places. They don’t realize what is the silk of the flower petals, or the wind singing through the branches of trees. I’m very lucky and I’m grateful for that.

I thank Holy Child with the Ball because my wedding was unforgettable. Not only I married my beloved one, but also during the banquet thousands of butterflies flew over to celebrate with us. They were flying around us fluttering their satin wings. Thanks to that miracle nobody will forget the happiest day of my life.

Margarita Rojos de Moreno

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On a picnic, Laura followed some butterflies and went far away from her family. When she was picking dandelions she noticed that she got lost. Laura got scared and asked the Holy Spirit to help her to find her family. That moment, a light breeze came up and the dandelion seeds flew to the place where the Laura’s family was. They were also pretty scared. They thank for that miracle.

My baby was very sick. He had a high fever, and I prayed to the Virgin almost all night long until I fell asleep. With the first dawn in the morning I heard a soft flapping, and I saw a lot of butterflies flying around. I noticed that my baby had no fever and was smiling. I give thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan for healing my baby and for this beautiful sight.

My daughters were playing hide and seek and got lost in the burnt forest. They were afraid because everything around was back and dead. But suddenly hundreds butterflies appeared and began to fly around my daughters. The girls followed them and got out the forest. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for this miracle.

The plants in my garden were withered and didn’t flower. I was sad. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for giving me an idea to put music for my plants. My garden came back to life and flourished. It became full of birds and butterflies. Now thanks to the music I have the most beautiful garden in the neighborhood.