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We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because one time during a picnic, some people kidnapped a young girl with a little girl. But then they left a little girl on a stone because she had nothing to do with a young girl. Thanks.

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When we went for a picnic, we climbed a mountain and found a perfect place, almost like a cradle, to put our baby in while we were arranging things. But it turned out to be an eagle nest. Thank to the Virgin the animal thought it was his own son and didn’t hurt him. We dedicate this retablo to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe for such a great miracle.

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Very nice martians settled in my garden. I attended to them for a week.

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We were taken to Mars, we lived there for some time. Thanks for returning.

We were having a picnic, and suddenly an UFO appeared. I immediately entrusted myself to the Virgin, and fortunately the UFO only took the barbecue.

Monterrey, Mexico — 06/13/2009, Hector Salas C.

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On a picnic, my daughter followed some butterflies and went far away from us. We were playing and didn’t notice that she wasn’t there. She didn’t know how to return and got very scared. Instead of going back she walked far away. Then she asked the Holy Spirit for help. That moment, a light breeze came up and the seeds of the dandelion that she was holding in her hand flew away. She followed them, and they brought her to where we were searching her.

Virgin of San Juan, thank you for your favors. I thank because my adorable Nuco has returned to me. He dumped cause of a misunderstanding but one year later he has come back. We went for a iconic with our friends to celebrate it, and afterwards we visited the temple to exchange vows to love each other till death do us apart.

Dario Magana
Mexico City, 1971

Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for your favors. One hot summer morning, we went for a picnic in the state of Michoacan. While my wife was preparing some food, I was wetting my legs in the river. Then I felt a horrible pain. I was stung by a venomous snake. My wife promptly put me in the car and drove to a doctor office. Miraculously, I was saved. I entrusted myself to the Holy Child and now thank him.

Lucio Mora, 1957

Gilberto Mendoza went for a picnic with his family. Suddenly his son was attacked by a deer which kicked him up in the air. Thanks to Saint Charbel the family managed to scare the deer away and his son suffered only minor injuries.

Empalme, Sonora

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Since my boyfriend nor I had a car to go in the country for a picnic, we decided to have it at the cemetery. We ate and talked, but when we saw the dead men leaving their tombs and coming to us, we choked with sandwiches. Only thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan’s protection we were able to run away from the skeletons which almost surrounded us. We thank because we escaped.

On a picnic, Laura followed some butterflies and went far away from her family. When she was picking dandelions she noticed that she got lost. Laura got scared and asked the Holy Spirit to help her to find her family. That moment, a light breeze came up and the dandelion seeds flew to the place where the Laura’s family was. They were also pretty scared. They thank for that miracle.

My fiancé and I went for an outing. We met an alien family who had a picnic. We were frightened, and we prayed the Virgin for protection. Then we ran away. We thank the Virgin for the aliens didn’t see us.

We were having a picnic, when an UFO appeared. We thank, because the extraterrestrials didn’t take us with them on their planet.

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