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When I was coming to Monterrey with the money for the land I’d sold, I was attacked. I implored the Virgin of the Rosary, but then Agapito Treviño’s ghost, or the White Horse, appeared. The robber ran away. Since I don’t know who helped me more, this retablo is for both of them.

Ramon Martinez, Monterrey, 2020

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Cipriano Ramos came home after working all day and wanted to make love but he saw that his wife Adelita Perez had a skeleton face. I got scared so much, I implored the Holy Heart.

Monterrey, 1972

I’m a high preparatory school math teacher, and I had a student who was flirting with me so that I would give her good grades because she was a bad student. I thank Saint Thomas Aquinas for the principal gave me another class because the girl began to wear daring clothes and harass me which could bring me professional problems and with my wife as well.

Rafael Barrios ~ Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

December 18, 1972, in Monterrey, I was fighting for the national championship. After two falls, I was feeling I couldn’t do it. But my faith in the Holy Heart gave me strength to win over my opponent. I wholeheartedly thank with this retablo.

Blue Demon, 1973

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We were having a picnic, and suddenly an UFO appeared. I immediately entrusted myself to the Virgin, and fortunately the UFO only took the barbecue.

Monterrey, Mexico — 06/13/2009, Hector Salas C.

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The other day my daughter introduced me her boyfriend, and I almost got a heart attack from fear because he looked like a goth, metalhead, punk or something like this. I definitely didn’t like that he’s going out with my daughter. I thanks Saint James the Apostle because after knowing him better I found out he is a good boy, hard-working and educated, and he loves my daughter. I promise not to judge people by their appearance.

Lucrecia del Castillo
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

The neighbors’ son was a shameless scoundrel. He was making out with my daughter Adriana at the dark corners. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for this boy was sent to study to Monterrey.

Francisca Lopez

At a volleyball match, Catalino Fernandez hit his coccyx. It was very painful. He thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for he’s got healed and is back again to play volleyball.

Monterrey, 1950

I was going to a job interview in a very important company, so I put my best suit on. While I was waiting at the bus stop I didn’t pay attention to a puddle near it, and when a car passed by at high speed it splashed me all over. I thank Saint Maroun because they were understanding in the company and valued my knowledge and not my appearance and they gave me a job.

Jeronimo Abascal \ Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

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I was unemployed and saw an ad requiring masseuses in a spa for ladies. I had an idea to dress up like a woman and to ask for this job. I thank Saint Sebastian with the present retablo because nobody noticed that I’m a man and I’m keeping this job, which, apart from having an excellent salary, allows me to check out the clients without clothes.

Maximiliano R. \ Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

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Thanks to Saint Nicholas of Bari for helping us to pay off our debts and to solve our financial problems. Now we can peacefully celebrate Christmas with the family.

Rufian Garza

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I was going to Monterrey with the money I got for selling my last piece of land when I was attacked by a bandit. In that dangerous moment I prayed the Holy Child of Atocha, and suddenly appeared the Agapito Treviño’s ghost, or the White Horse as they call it. The attacker ran away, and I thank for that.

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I couldn’t work because of an illness I had, so I entrusted my self to the Virgin of Guadalupe so that she would help me to heal. Few days later I was completely recovered and could get back to work at my carousel. The things are going well, and I thank for that.

Crisoforo Garza, Monterrey, 1970

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