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Virgin of Juquila, I thank you for giving me strength I needed to win this race. I was trying so hard.

Odilon Cortez, May 18, 1960

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My mother of Guadalupe, I give you thanks for saving me from dying in Arizona desert after the guide had left me to the mercy of fate. I implored to you, and you gave me the strength to get to the US and to fulfill my American dream.

January 25, 1985

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I was weeding the hillock in my beloved San Miguel at the dusk, when suddenly the ground yawned and a creature that had tentacles like an octopus came out of it. I was frozen and didn’t know what to do. The beast was looking at me with its enormous eyes. It tried to grab me. I implored the Brown-skin Virgin to give me strength. Then I took my machete and hit it with all might. The monster went back into the hole, and I survived.

Ruperto N., 1980

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The other day, while cleaning the windows of an eight-story building, I saw pretty girls dancing zumba in one apartment. I was staring at them like an idiot, and I slipped and almost fell down. I entrusted myself to Saint Augustine who saved me from the danger and gave me the strength to climb back up. I promise him to be careful and concentrated at my work.

Claudio Gonzalez \ Mexico City

My husband not only went to live with this bitch Lupe, but also one day he came to take our pig. But Saint Barbara gave me strength and extra courage not to let him take the pig away. I dedicate this real in gratitude.

Chonita Robles P.
San Martin Texmelucan, Tlaxcala, 1957

I thank the Holy Heart of Jesus for giving me tenacity and strength to win over my opponent in the fight for the national title. Also, I thank for letting me and Broncas come out safe from the fight to go on with the most beautiful sport.

Blue Demon, Toreo, 1977

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I thank God for, in 1984, I asked him to give me the strength and speed of the animals to catch the train in Ciudad Juarez that was leaving me behind because of that lady’s fault who couldn’t give me change, and the God answered me. And I, who was always the slowest in basketball, received an ovation from people when I managed to get into the carriage.

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On our way back from the town of Carrizo del Valle, I decided to take a rest with my children Maria and Lucas. Suddenly we heard a loud noise and saw that the donkey that carried the provision fell from the cliff. We ran to help him, we pulled the rope as strong as we could but the donkey was too heavy. I felt that my strength oozed away, and I prayed the Holy Heart of Jesus. And the donkey managed to come up safe and sound.

Julia Rivas
Puebla, 1958

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A mermaid fell in love with my boyfriend Arturo. She was so jealous with me that she came out during a boat ride, grabbed my hair and tried to drown me taking to the bottom of the sea. I thank the Virgin of Tepeyac for Arturo had enough strength to pull me out and not let the mermaid take me to sure death.

Rosa Moreno
Tulum, Mexico, 2006

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It was a cloudy evening, and it was blowing hard. My wife had to give birth bolero due, but we lived far from the town. Our pickup truck broke down half the way. My wife had a terrible pain, and I carried her over the hills with the strong wind blowing me in the face. Our little daughter Teresita was behind us in the darkness without seeing where to go. I was exhausted, Josefina was in a lot of pain. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I invoked the Virgin of Guadalupe, and she gave me strength to go on on and get to the town. My son is called Lupe. I dedicate this retablo for her miracle.

Jasinto N., 1968

December 18, 1972, in Monterrey, I was fighting for the national championship. After two falls, I was feeling I couldn’t do it. But my faith in the Holy Heart gave me strength to win over my opponent. I wholeheartedly thank with this retablo.

Blue Demon, 1973

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I felt my strength giving out and my body weakening in a tough fight for the title against the Demon of Tampico. I immediately implored Saint Martin de Porres to help me, and I recovered to beat my opponent, and I won the championship. I give thanks.

Lightning from Jalisco, 1969

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for giving me strength to win over my rival in an important fight mask vs. mask. When I felt weak I prayed and then I managed to apply a camel clutch and won the mask of the Espanto (The Fright).

El Santo

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