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We met in the wrestling and became a couple. We are very happy but we don’t take our masks off to keep the mystery. We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for our big love.

When I put this mask on I decided I’d never fight without her. I knew that in my career it’d be my life, my soul and my body, my good and my bad, my beginning and my end. All my life would become blue. And no one, not even my best friend would find out who I am and who is Blue Demon.

1948, Mexico

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As promised, I bring this retablo to the Holy Child of Atocha for the miracle of winning my first mask for mask fight, taking down the tough Red Scorpion with a “hurracarana” throw. It was the most important fight in my career.

The Great Chameleon
Zacatecas, 1986

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Yolanda Torres loved to have sex with her boyfriend-wrestler named The Flare. But one day a friend of his put his mask on and banged Yolanda. She thank Saint John of the Cross because her boyfriend didn’t found out about it and besides that she enjoyed it.

*** Vargas and his wife Evarista Ramirez almost turned their toes up when their friend Macarias put on a skeleton outfit, got in the mask shop and yelled at them.

Guanajuato, June 24, 1938

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The Jaguar and I fell in love with each other while wrestling. Now we live together, but we still remain enemy at the ring. We will never take off our masks. However, we thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for our happiness.

The White Angel thanks for not losing his mask at the fight mask vs. hair. He was on the verge of defeat but was helped by the Virgin of Guadalupe.

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The Caveman and I fell in love with each other during this wrestling season. We moved to live together, and we’re very happy. However, we don’t take off our wrestling masks because it adds mystery to our relationship. We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for our happiness.

I thank the Virgin of San Juan from the bottom of my heart for the miracle of winning my first mask for mask fight over The White Whirlwind. The fight was very difficult because my opponent had more experience than I did.

Gold Scorpion
Mexico City

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April 1976, in the city of Monterrey The Pharaoh was fighting against Blue Demon and almost semi-fainted. He entrusted himself to the Lord of Anxieties. When the rival was about to rip The Pharaoh’s mask away, the light in the coliseum went off. And that saved The Pharaoh’s career. In sign of his gratitude he dedicated this retablo.

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I give thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe for such a big favor. She made my son Javiercito’s dream came true. He had had an accident, and he was so sad sitting in his wheelchair and watching his favorite wrestler El Santo. Suddenly the wrestler came to him and gave him one of his masks.

Josefina Lopez
Arena Mexico
May 2, 1976

Little boy Marco Antonio Huerta gives thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe because El Santo beat The Red Demon. El Santo had promised, if he won the fight, to give his mask to the boy. The boy thanks because El Santo won and gave him his mask.

October 14, 1975
Mexico City

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