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We, nurses fans of Lucha Libre wrestling, give infinite thanks to the Holy Child of Atocha for patriotism and love to the Mexican people of those wrestlers, like the Son of the Sovereign, who are, along with their relatives, producing masks as their contribution to the fight against COVID-19.

CDMX, 2020

I give infinite thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe for the creativity and artistic talent of the Mexican people. They can find beauty even in this tragic moment when the country is fighting against COVID-19, and these embroidered masks show it.

Gerald Dilley, New York

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We thank the patron of the clowns, Saint Genesius of Rome, for our participation in the Public Transport campaign against COVID-19 “Do not let the clown take you” in which we gave out masks and antibacterial gel at the most busy metro stations exhorting “If you’re going in subway, put a mask on right away”.

Fresia, Skatiny, Sindy, Piñita, Sonrisitas, Pispirin, Bodoquito and Zapaton / CDMX

April 16, 1974, my father and I were at the Arena Coliseo watching a wrestling match with El Santo, my greatest idol. I had suffered an accident which left me paralyzed. At the end of the event, Santo came down where we were and gave me one of his masks. Eventually, I began to walk again.

Mario, 1996

Tragedy on the Honeymoon

At the sea in San Carlos, Mexico, I thank Teta Kawi for granting me the miracle of finding my snorkel mask! Without my mask I couldn’t have seen all the beautiful marine life. I’m very thankful, to your honor!

July 2017

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for giving me strength to win over my rival in an important fight mask vs. mask. When I felt weak I prayed and then I managed to apply a camel clutch and won the mask of the Espanto (The Fright).

El Santo

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I, Mistico, the Prince of Silver and Gold, offer this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because I was able to win the mask of the Black Warrior on Friday, September 29, 2006. I ask you to look after me and to bless me in whatever I do.

Mistico, 2007

CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre) — World Wrestling Council.

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God Jesus Christ, I thank you and offer you this because you’re always kind to me. You’re always hanging on the wall, watching and looking after me, with your skin so white and soft, with your long hair all in sweat, and your blood going down your stomach always reminding me about how I make you suffer and you are so good to me. Thanks, and I remain your slave awaiting your coming.

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I came from the carnival celebration and was attacked by a rooster. Thanks for I won this fight.

R. M. had a desire to get involved with a stranger. That’s why she attended a masquerade orgy, but it got her a venereal infection. She thanks Saint Elias with this retablo for she has been cured.

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The boy Alejandro Hernandez gives thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe because Mistico won over Averno. He thanks also his father because he bought him the Mistico’s mask which he wanted so much.

Arena Mexico

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We met in the wrestling and became a couple. We are very happy but we don’t take our masks off to keep the mystery. We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for our big love.

When I put this mask on I decided I’d never fight without her. I knew that in my career it’d be my life, my soul and my body, my good and my bad, my beginning and my end. All my life would become blue. And no one, not even my best friend would find out who I am and who is Blue Demon.

1948, Mexico

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