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M. G. ended up in the hospital because she got very excited while masturbating with a bottle and couldn’t take it out. She infinitely thanks Saint Raymond for overcoming this embarrassment and for her body wasn’t seriously injured.

Rosa Menendes went to the movies alone to see an erotic film. She got so excited, she began masturbating in the movie theatre. She thanks Saint Rita with this retablo for nobody noticed her.

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The priest Jose R. enjoyed jerking off while the women confessing him in their sins. But one day his superior caught him. He thanks Saint Francis because with many prayers and a lot of meditation he managed to overcome this.

I publicly thank Saint Francis for helping me to hold my door while I was jerking off so my mother wouldn’t come and take me by surprise in the midst of my routine.

February 7, 2012

R. M. was caught by her mother while masturbating in the tub. She thanks Saint Charnel with this retablo for overcoming the embarrassment caused to her and promises to be more careful.