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The sacristan of the Saint Barbara church gives infinite thanks to Saint Charbel for having received a big donation for the church reconstruction from the painter Frida Kahlo.

Mexico, 1942

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Thank you, Virgin of Carmel, I was able to find my fiancé and convince him to go to the church for his own good.

Petra — Oaxaca, Mexico, 1968

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I give thanks to you, Virgin of the Solitude, for I was able to catch my boyfriend and bring him back to the church to say “yes” for ever.

Amalia, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1967

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To our Lord Jesus Christ, I ask to forgive me for what I did when I found out that the priest abused my son. But since neither the church nor the government have done anything after so many similar cases, I did it.

Filomeno M., 13–11–2018

When Serafin Gonzalez was playing an archangel in the Nativity play in the church, and the rope that held him broke down and he fell hitting his head. His mother, doña Clara, thanks the Holy Virgin of Zapopan for her son didn’t kill himself.

Thank you, Virgin of the Rosary, I was able to convince my fiancé to get back to the church for his own good.

Josefina — Oaxaca, Mexico, 1962

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God in the highest, thank you because you protected our parish priest when the authorities were looking for him because they said he’d raped some people when they were children. But I know that he didn’t do it by evil because he did it to me also and I know he did it with love because the holy father is very kind and not in bad faith. That’s why you looked after him because you’re also very kind.

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The day of my wedding was the happiest day of my life because I married a good man, hard-working and handsome. When we came out of the church we got on his horse and went to his ranch. The children waved to us and ran along. I give thanks to Saint Anthony for so much happiness.

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On the day of our wedding there were so many children and doves near by the church doors. It’s a good omen that means many years of happiness. We thank Saint Anthony for his blessing.

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Isabel E. took a drug and, in her madness, went dancing like crazy on the church tower-bell. She thanks Saint Raymond with this retablo because the priest saved her from the people who wanted to linch her, and she promises to amend.

We thank Saint Anthony. Although the goat was very stubborn and the piglet wouldn’t walk so we had to carry him, we were able to bring them to the Blessing of Animals.

I was coming back from the market and saw a pair of dogs that cornered two cats in an alley. The cats’ hair stood up, and they didn’t know where to run. I quickly grabbed them and ran away, and the dogs ran after us. I thank Saint Quiteria for we got into the church before the dogs attacked us. So I saved the cats, with the help of the saint to whom I dedicate this retablo.

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My daughter went to buy some tortillas. On her way back, the thunderstorm began. It was hailing, and also raining with frogs. We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because our daughter was able to find a cover in the abandoned chapel near the road and wait till this incredible storm was over.