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On the day of our wedding there were so many children and doves near by the church doors. It’s a good omen that means many years of happiness. We thank Saint Anthony for his blessing.

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Isabel E. took a drug and, in her madness, went dancing like crazy on the church tower-bell. She thanks Saint Raymond with this retablo because the priest saved her from the people who wanted to linch her, and she promises to amend.

We thank Saint Anthony. Although the goat was very stubborn and the piglet wouldn’t walk so we had to carry him, we were able to bring them to the Blessing of Animals.

I was coming back from the market and saw a pair of dogs that cornered two cats in an alley. The cats’ hair stood up, and they didn’t know where to run. I quickly grabbed them and ran away, and the dogs ran after us. I thank Saint Quiteria for we got into the church before the dogs attacked us. So I saved the cats, with the help of the saint to whom I dedicate this retablo.

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My daughter went to buy some tortillas. On her way back, the thunderstorm began. It was hailing, and also raining with frogs. We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because our daughter was able to find a cover in the abandoned chapel near the road and wait till this incredible storm was over.

I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my children won a calf in the church lottery.

Acadia Martinez Lopez

Virgin of San Juan, thank you for your favors. I thank because my adorable Nuco has returned to me. He dumped cause of a misunderstanding but one year later he has come back. We went for a iconic with our friends to celebrate it, and afterwards we visited the temple to exchange vows to love each other till death do us apart.

Dario Magana
Mexico City, 1971

Señora Juana R. enjoyed gossips so she used to eavesdrop the confessions of the parishioners. She thanks Saint Raymond with this retablo because she got caught, and she promises to amend her ways.

We thank the Blessed Sacraments because we managed to bring all our animals to the church for the priest’s blessing.

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The Saint Christ of Burgo de Osma helped us to find money to buy paint for the church fence.

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Juanito M. and Marta S. were caught fucking at the church bell tower. The people wanted to lynch them. They thank Saint Pancras with this retablo for nothing serious happened.

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Chucho Ramirez was robbing a church. But he repented when an image of Saint Francis suddenly talked with him. Chucho thanks for this miracle after which he gave himself to the police.

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On the day of our wedding, there were a lot of doves at the doors of the church which is a good sign that means many years of happiness. We thank Saint Anthony for his blessings.

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