Virgin of the Rosary

Virgen del Rosario

Thanks to the Holy Virgin of Talpa! for looking after me in this car crash.

January 22, 2018
Thanks: Juan Manuel Flores and his family

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I dedicate this memory to my Holy Virgin of the Rosary from Talpa for the great miracle she worked for me by saving my life form the imminent danger when I got under the water of Mexican gulf after our plane fell down. My partner Ancil Neal Womack died and I survived ten distressed days, by the mercy of the waves, without food or water, not to mention other dangers that pursued me.

Matamoros, Tamaulipas
February 19, 1948

Aviator pilot Esteban de Leon Ch.

I thank the Virgin of Talpa for giving me the opportunity of studying her retablos and for it was possible, thanks to the generous support of many people, to publish this book about her. I ask God for his intercession and to always look after the priests of Talpa, holy fathers Estrada Sting, Enrique Flores and Salazar Gonzalez, as well as Martha Becerra, don Francisco Arias and mr. Ernesto Valdez.

Prof. Elin Luque Agraz, Mexico City, May 10, 2015

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I was drowning in the world of problems and worries, but one night the Virgin sent me a wonderful dream in which I flew through the sky scattered with stars guided by two little angels. Before this starry immensity I saw that my problems weren’t so big and so many. So now I’m living my life with much more optimism and serenity. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary.

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The Day of the Dead, some skeletons asked me to take them in my carriage for a ride under the moonlight. Since I was quite drunk and needed money, I agreed. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary for they didn’t take me to their graves at the dawn.

We thank the Holy Virgin of the Rosary from Talpa for the great miracle she made for us. We were attacked and threatened with death in Sinaloa, but we all escaped alive. We are very grateful.

Adolfo and Gloria Peña and children
October 23, 2009

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I thank you, Virgin of the Rosary, for my husband turned out to be not a weirdo. I caught him in my clothes on, but he only wanted to know my size to get me a present.

Petra, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1980

I thank God and his mother, Virgin of the Rosary of Talpa. It was March 1995, we were going to Talpa, and, before Cruz de Romero, there is a spot on a curve which we used for our physical needs. It was the dawn, and, although there was a beautiful moon, it was difficult to see. I went away to find an appropriate place and suddenly felt that I was being pulled to the cliff. It was a strong pull of my entire body, clothes and moreover my hair. I implored the Virgin and asked my companions for help. They saved me from a secure death right away. I dedicate this retablo in gratitude.

Alejandrina Q. de Navarro
February, 2000

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My son Manuel had a congestion because he went swimming right after having eaten, and he fainted and went drowning in the sea. But thanks to the Virgin of the Rosary who sent a dog to save him from dying at the depth, the dog took him out right before he drown. Now my son is alright, and the dog has become his friend. He named her Chavita because she was his savior. We give thanks for such a miracle.

Tulum, 1989

Chavo is the nickname for those whose name is Salvador which means “savior”. Chavita is a diminutive of the feminine form of that nickname.

My daughter Luisa was playing in laundry at the river bank. She slipped on a smooth stone and fell into water. Thanks to Our Lady of the Rosary our dog which is very smart and swims very well was able to save the girl before she drowned. I give thanks to the Holy Virgin.

Our Lady from Talpa, I’m going to thank you for letting me get control of my legs again. I couldn’t walk for almost a year because of an accident when I fell down the stairs in my house. Nothing would help me, and I implored you. Now I’m leaving this wheelchair.

Juana Virginia
Talpa, Jalisco, December 15, 1930

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We thank the Virgin of the Rosary because we got married being very much in love. Our wedding was very beautiful. Besides, the whole town was celebrating with us, and the musicians played all night long.

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Thank you, Virgin of the Rosary, I was able to convince my fiancé to get back to the church for his own good.

Josefina — Oaxaca, Mexico, 1962

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