Virgin of the Rosary

Virgen del Rosario

The devils and the angels were fighting in my head every time I had to make a decision. They were making such noise and racket that I was afraid to go insane. I asked the Virgin of the Rosary for her intervention, and she came to establish order. She sent the devils back to the hell and the angels to do something useful at the heaven. They left my head, so I could decide on my own. Thanks.

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My horses were stolen by some robbers, and I was very upset because among the stolen were two my beloved horses whom I loved as much as my own sons. I prayed the Virgin of the Rosary so that she would help me to find them. And on the sunset my two horses came back. I ran to greet them overwhelmed with joy that they were so smart and could escape and return back.

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A monster began to appear in the Laurita Rios’ closet. She was very frightened and prayed the Virgin of the Rosary so that the monster wouldn’t come back. Thanks to the Holy Virgin the girl’s father got a better job in Guadalajara so they moved there. Laurita thanks the Virgin because there are no monsters in the capital.

I heard some strange noise and went out to see if any animal came to eat my chicken. However it was a nagual whom I met. He grabbed me and dragged to the corn fields. My husband slept like a stone and didn’t hear me screaming. Then I invoked to the Virgin of the Rosary. The nagual got distracted with eating some crickets, and that moment I could escape. I ran and barred the door. I thank the Holy Virgin for saving me from the nagual’s claws.

My life was tedious and my job was boring. But one day I was given a book. I liked it so much, I began to read more. Now I have wonderful dreams about fantasies and adventures. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary for discovering the wonderful world of books.

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I thank my dear Virgin of the Rosary. When I got out of the prison I went to Yucatan where I met a very nice man who offered me a drink. Now I have a place to live.

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My husband used to have dreams about voluptuous and seductive women. He hugged the air, kissed and spoke in the dream and always had this stupid smile on his face. It drove me nuts. The horrible part was that after that he woke up in a very good mood. Then the Holy Virgin gave me an idea to take my photo in the bed. I looked very seriously in that photo, so he would know that I was watching him. It helped. My husband doesn’t hug or kiss in his sleep anymore, just grunts and murmurs something.

The devils tempted me to sin, and the angels, from the other side, murmured with their sweet voice to behave well. I was going crazy with so many voices in my head. Only thanks to my prayers to the Virgin of the Rosary the voices sounded less and less, until one day they totally disappeared. I don’t hear them anymore, and I thank for that miracle.

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I was drowning in the world of problems and worries, but one night the Virgin sent me a wonderful dream in which I flew through the sky filled with millions of stars guided by two little angels. Before this starry immensity I saw that my problems weren’t so big. So now I’m living my life with much more optimism and serenity. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary.

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The Raquel Ramirez’ husband began to snore in a terrible manner. The poor woman couldn’t sleep for a whole week. Then she desperately prayed to the Virgin of the Rosary, and the merciful Virgin made the miracle. She made tea with the herbs prescribed by some nuns, and don Samuel stopped snorting eight days later. She thanks.

My mother and my aunt taught my son Carlitos to embroider. He created exquisite embroideries and was very enthusiastic about it. I was distressed and asked the Virgin of the Rosary to make so that my boy wouldn’t enjoy embroidery so much because if his father, who is a really macho, had found out that his son loved doing the women’s work he would’ve been furious. Thanks to the Virgin his cousin Luis taught my son to ride a bicycle. Carlitos enjoyed it so much, he forgot about embroideries.

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The night of the Day of the Dead, a pair of skeletons asked me to give them a ride under the moonlight. Since I was half-drunk and needed money, I agreed. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary for they didn’t take me to their graves at the dawn.

Herminia Carranza woke up at night and found herself flying over the fields in her bed. She was drifting under the immense starry sky. Herminia felt amazed, frightened and confused all at once. She prayed the Virgin of the Rosary so that she would return her in her room. She shut her eyes and she she opened them she found herself back in her bedroom again as if nothing had happened. Although, she misses the feeling of flying and the enormous starry heaven around her.

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