Virgin of the Rosary

Virgen del Rosario

My husband used to have dreams about voluptuous and seductive women. He hugged the air, kissed and spoke in the dream and always had this stupid smile on his face. It drove me nuts. The horrible part was that after that he woke up in a very good mood. Then the Holy Virgin gave me an idea to take my photo in the bed. I looked very seriously in that photo, so he would know that I was watching him. It helped. My husband doesn’t hug or kiss in his sleep anymore, just grunts and murmurs something.

The devils tempted me to sin, and the angels, from the other side, murmured with their sweet voice to behave well. I was going crazy with so many voices in my head. Only thanks to my prayers to the Virgin of the Rosary the voices sounded less and less, until one day they totally disappeared. I don’t hear them anymore, and I thank for that miracle.

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I was drowning in the world of problems and worries, but one night the Virgin sent me a wonderful dream in which I flew through the sky filled with millions of stars guided by two little angels. Before this starry immensity I saw that my problems weren’t so big. So now I’m living my life with much more optimism and serenity. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary.

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The Raquel Ramirez’ husband began to snore in a terrible manner. The poor woman couldn’t sleep for a whole week. Then she desperately prayed to the Virgin of the Rosary, and the merciful Virgin made the miracle. She made tea with the herbs prescribed by some nuns, and don Samuel stopped snorting eight days later. She thanks.

My mother and my aunt taught my son Carlitos to embroider. He created exquisite embroideries and was very enthusiastic about it. I was distressed and asked the Virgin of the Rosary to make so that my boy wouldn’t enjoy embroidery so much because if his father, who is a really macho, had found out that his son loved doing the women’s work he would’ve been furious. Thanks to the Virgin his cousin Luis taught my son to ride a bicycle. Carlitos enjoyed it so much, he forgot about embroideries.

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The night of the Day of the Dead, a pair of skeletons asked me to give them a ride under the moonlight. Since I was half-drunk and needed money, I agreed. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary for they didn’t take me to their graves at the dawn.

Herminia Carranza woke up at night and found herself flying over the fields in her bed. She was drifting under the immense starry sky. Herminia felt amazed, frightened and confused all at once. She prayed the Virgin of the Rosary so that she would return her in her room. She shut her eyes and she she opened them she found herself back in her bedroom again as if nothing had happened. Although, she misses the feeling of flying and the enormous starry heaven around her.

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Raquel Rios and Veronica Gonzalez took start dogs and not only fed them but also washed and brushed them and got rid of fleas. Raquel and Veronica thank the Virgin of the Rosary for the opportunity to take a lot of dogs and make them so beautiful that their friends and some other people would like to adopt these dogs and even gave small donations to help in this cause.

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We won the calf at the church lotery thanks to our prayers to the Virgin of the Rosary to give us some luck. We infinitely thank the Holy Virgin.

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Samuel Rodrigues fell in love with two mermaids. They enchanted him with their singing. He couldn’t eat, he couldn’t sleep, he didn’t want to work but spent all days long at the bottom of the laguna. Until one day he saw the mermaids eating with their big sharp-toothed mouth. He thanks the Virgin of the Rosary for delivering him from those monsters’ spell.

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My daughter Juanita tried to save a cat who fell in the well and stuck at a bump, but almost fell down as well. Only thanks to the Virgin of the Rosary’s protection her dress caught a nail. Her sister Marta managed to grab her and cried for help. I thank for that.

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One night my daughter and I went to visit my friend and bring her some marmalade. Suddenly the ghost of the woman drowned in the lake appeared to us. By the legend, she killed herself because of treason and now tries to grab people and drag them to the bottom of the lake with her. I grabbed my crucifix and prayed the Virgin of the Rosary to exorcise the apparition. The ghost seemed to get scared and disappeared. We thank the Holy Virgin.

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My wife read in a decoration magazine that the “Dark” style was in vogue. She painted our bedroom in black. It looked hideous. But when she decided to change our furniture for black furniture and she bought the black bed linen, I couldn’t take it more. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary for giving me strength to shout on my wife, in spite of being a very complaisant and calm husband who loves his wife very much. Fortunately, my wife understood that I didn’t like the “Dark” style. So now our bedroom is white again.