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Virgin of the Rosary, I thank you for helming me to choose my love before saying “Yes, I do” on the day of my wedding.

Arturo, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1989

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My gratitude to the Virgin of Guadalupe because my daughter Yolanda came back after running away with her boyfriend Tomas.

Agapito Mora

Aniceto Mendoza was stabbed in his buttock by one of his dear lover for being a womanizer. He brings this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe infinitely thanking her for he have enough time to run away from this crazy broad.

Puebla, 1917

Alma R. M. was curious to try threesome with two men. But she backed out at the last minute. She thanks Saint Charbel for having escaped through the window.

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I give thanks to you, Virgin of the Solitude, for I was able to catch my boyfriend and bring him back to the church to say “yes” for ever.

Amalia, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1967

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My husband Ramiro fell in love with the butcher and ran away with him. I beg you, Holy Child of Atocha, not to let him come back. Finally I’m happy.

Thanks, Virgin of Guadalupe, because my daughter Juana came back home after running away with her boyfriend.

Matias Cruz

I thank the Virgin of San Juan for giving me courage to run away with my boyfriend. Our friend helped us to go live together far away so our parents can’t punish us.

Saint Jude Thaddeus, thank you for protecting me. I took advantage of my husband being drunk and managed to escape. When my husband went to drink, he used to chain me in the house so I wouldn’t go out. That’s how jealous he was. When he came back from the street I asked him to unchain me to go to the bathroom. He did so. When I finished in the bathroom I noticed that my husband fell asleep. I ran away and hid myself in shrublands. Then I saw my husband walking near me with a whip in his hand—to whip me. I was very scared and decided to leave him. I went to the capital to my aunt and uncle and save myself from this cruel man.

Laura Mejia, Mexico City, 1952

May 15, 1968, the day of the wedding, my fiancé got scared and was about to escape, but thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe I noticed it in time and brought him back because I wouldn’t like to stay an old maid.

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The day of the wedding, I got a lot of doubts and got scared of marriage. I was so frightened I ran off the wedding. My parents and my fiancé were screaming behind my back and called me back. I heard their voices but kept running. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for I finally calmed down. I sat under a tree to make my mind. Then I come back right before the start of the ceremony. I wasn’t scared anymore. Now I’m very happy with my husband, and I understand that my doubts came out of the fear of my new life because I had no idea how it could go.

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Gregoria Dominguez was abandoned by her old man. She left alone with a baby. She prayed Saint Jude Thaddeus and couple days later the old man came back in repent. She brings this retablo thanking for such favor.

San Andres, Chalchicomula, 1917

I, Roberto Pilar, thank the Souls in the Purgatory for help. I was a faggot since childhood. I loved dolls, I dressed up as a girl. But my father used to beat me for that. Later I was dating a doctor named Butcher. Thanks to the Souls, I ran away from my home and now live as a woman. I dedicate this exvoto.

Mexico City, Tlalpan
January 11, 1970