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At approaching San Andres Chalchicomula, Artemio Dominguez met an extraterrestrial who tried to abduct him. But since Artemio was faithfully devoted to Saint Pancras, he implored the saint and could escape, along with his horse and dog, from this horror. He brings this retablo thanking for that.


Gregoria Dominguez was abandoned by her old man. She left alone with a baby. She prayed Saint Jude Thaddeus and couple days later the old man came back in repent. She brings this retablo thanking for such favor.

San Andres, Chalchicomula, 1917

September 1939, the hailstorm threatened the Toribio Ortiz’ sowing. But he entrusted himself to Saint Isidore, and the hail didn’t harm his crop. He thanks for that with the retablo.

San Andrés Chalchicomula

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