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I give infinite thanks to Saint Anthony the Great, with this humble retablo, because I fulfilled my dream of opening my own hotel for stray and abandoned doggies and kitties. I’m filled with great satisfaction to help them to find new families where they receive love and care they deserve.

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Thank you Lord for saving my dog and for the neighbor didn’t kill him for tacos. One day I couldn’t find him, and all our family went searching for him. We thought he had been caught for tacos but good thing it wasn’t so and he only walked around the streets. Thank you very much.

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I give immense thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe who helped me when I fell of the boat and fainted. My dog Othello jumped into the water and drugged me until I gained my senses back and was able to get out.

Akumal, 2019

I was very ill with high fever, and the Grim Reaper in person appeared in front of my bed. I tried to scare him with a crucifix, but since he’s not a vampire or the devil, he didn’t paid much attention and continued to crouch over my bed. Then my dog came running to my bedroom, very excited to see so many tasty bones. The dog jumped on Death’s leg. Death was horrified by thinking of being gnawed by a dog and ran away. I felt better then and healed. I’m grateful for staying alive.

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— You know Silvia, this is Zalo’s doggy, it appeared on the news.

This retablo is going to be dedicated to those two neighbors who were spending their evening smoking near the grocery store and saw my dog Rocky who had been lost for seven days when I got my seven toes amputated as an effect of diabetes. I thank CHV (Chilean Television) for recording the exact moment of the epiphany. Thanks God!

Zalo Reyes, October 2010
Conchali, Santiago, Chile

I thank and order to make this retablo to the Holy Niño Fidencio and Holy Girl Aurorita for giving me the gift to fell madly in love when Ali went with me to a bonsai expo. When I saw her, I was completely captivated. Now we buy plants together, save dogs and always go to drink pulque.

I give infinite thanks to Saint Paschal Baylon to commend my dog Pancho to eat a red snapper that was spoiled and to save us all from a serious illness. I beg, please, always bless this kitchen.

July 3, 1893, Ciudad del Carmen

I thank the Virgin because thanks to my work as a seamstress I am able to support all the doggies I take from the street, and they give me a lot f love and keep me a company.

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Barbara Lopez Garcia put her new dress on to go to the town celebration to conquer Antonio Padilla’s heart. But on her way she met don Agapito’s dogs which are always angry like their owner. The dogs pulled her dress and almost tore it apart, but then Antonio came to help her and scared the dogs away. When he saw her so heartbroken, wearing the tore dress, his heart melted and he proposed to her right away. Barbara thanks the Virgin.

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May you be blessed, Lord of Chalma, for looking after me and saving from death when I was attacked by a robber outside my house. I had no money on me, and he wanted to kill me. Then, like a miracle, came my dog Tequila and bit him, and I could save my life.


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I sold a piece of land I didn’t used so much and, with that money, I though of buying cows. When I went to the ranch La Purisima to buy them, I took a shortcut through the cacti. There was a group of bandits who ambushed me. They scared my horse away and asked for the money. But then my dog who’s very clever took the bag with the money and ran away. The bandits went after him, but the dog ran through the most dense cacti. Meanwhile, I escaped and soon found my horse. When I got home my dog was already there with the bag of money. I thank Virgin of Zapopan for this miracle.

A part of the road that Gregorio Canales took got crumbled and he fell down the cliff with his dog and his horse. But thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan’s miraculous intervention no one from the was hurt because they fell on shrubbery and it softened the blow.

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Dionicio thanks the Virgin of San Juan for saving him from dying when his horse went crazy and ran away with him being unable to control it until his dog Manchas was able to stop it and saved him in this way.

January 15, 1985
Ixtlahuaca, Mexico

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