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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe. A thief got into our building to steal. He tried to enter in the apartment by the roof. But he got tangled up in one of my underwear, so we managed to catch him.

July 1993
Jose Refugio Regalado
Mexico City

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I, Casimiro Vergara, give thanks to Saint Anthony of Padua for not losing my head when I climbed up to repair tv-antenna and discovered my son playing wrestling in my lucky underwear with his best friend. I almost fell down the roof after seeing it. I promised to pay an air-ballon trip for my son and his friend, walk the laika and commission this exvoto painted by E. Espin.

Tilzapotla, Morelos, 2011

I thank Saint Raymond Nonnatus fro delivering us from yabbering Tila Maria Sesto’s gossips when she caught us, me and my buddy, watching soccer in underwear. She almost gave us stomach pain when we saw her, and we almost spoiled our underpants. She started to say that we were motherfuckers. But no, I went to my buddy’s house because he has such a big TV-device and a fan from the heat. I ordered to paint Melo Colli in gratitude.

Merida, Yucatan, 2009

This retablo is not for wide audience. There are local Yucatan comedians Tila Maria Sesto and Melo Colli mentioned here. The caption also contains Yucatan expression such as:

Choknak — stomach pain of indegestion;

Pelana — that could be translated as “motherfuckers”;

He-lé — expression of negation or simply “no”.

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The sisters Yasmin and Graciela M. bring this retablo to Saint bruno thanking him for they have become models of plus-size lingerie. The things are going so well they are even thinking about launching their own brand.

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Alfredo Navarro was very much sexed up so he went to steal his neighbor’s underwear. However she caught him and denounced him. Alfredo thanks Saint Maroun for he has been already released from the jail and promises to amend his ways.

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Juan Carlos Romero was taking shower when a horrible earthquake began. He thanks Saint Charbel with this retablo for he managed to get out of his apartment in time although he totally forgot to put his underwear on.

I am grateful because I found briefs that are tailored to fit my figure and give me the comfortable protection I surely need when playing with my offspring.

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My husband had bad times at work, and he started sleepwalk. The worst was that he was going out to sit at the church steps. I was dying of shame only imagining that somebody could see him in his underwear—quite threadbare one, I must say. I had to bring him back to bed, and I couldn’t sleep well. I thank the Virgin for the things at my husband’s work have been settled, so he doesn’t sleepwalk anymore and I can finally sleep in peace.

Tenk you, Louse Herrera for saving me from the fight with my parents when yesterday I came home late wearing only my underwear. I entrusted myself to you, and you cursed them so well. So after that they didn’t say anything to me. You were awesome, Louse!

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Rafael Diaz were drinking in a bar when robbers arrived. He thanks the Virgin of Juquila with this retablo because they didn’t check his underware where he hid his half-month pay.

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