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The night of May 30, 1949, some guys robbed don Carmelo Medina’s shop taking advantage of his wife being alone. The robbers took all the money they’d earned last month and also grabbed some bottles with expensive liquor. Thanks to the Holy Virgin, the gendarme Natividad was having a meal in the tavern of Lupita who has big eyes and very delicious tacos. He caught the bad guys because they didn’t notice him standing in the shadows. Don Carmelo thanks the Virgin of San Juan.

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Joaquin Martinez lost his job. He had no money to feed his family. He was so desperate he went to rob the people on a bus treating them with a pistol. He got into the bus and fired a shot. A girl fell down. Joaquin got frightened and prayed to the Holy Heart of Mary because he didn’t want to end up as a murderer. The girl wasn’t wounded but fainted of fear. Joaquin apologized to the passengers and left the bus.

November 15, 1958

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When I was returning after a concert, I ran into some bastards who tried to mug me. But they got nothing from me. Then one of them pulled out a gun and put it to my head. I grabbed him and took the gun, but the other one stabbed me. I fell feeling pretty bad. Those two were definitely high. Then the first guy picked up the gun and was going to finish me. That moment, I prayed the Archangel of Justice. Suddenly my pal appeared, and those two ran away, without killing me. Good thing you stopped them in time, pal.

Tepito, Mexico City

Holy Shroud, thank you for your help. I was leaving my house to go to put some money in the bank. That moment, a man came out a car and open the trunk. He showed me a drawn plan and asked me about one street. He saw that I was carrying documents in my hand. Suddenly, another man grabbed me, gagged me and pushed into the car. They were beating me on the way and took all my money. I thank for I wasn’t killed.

Sofia Moreno
Mexico City, 1966

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Señorita Laura Guzman was attacked by a criminal but she was saved by three cats who jumped on the villain. She thanks the Virgin of San Juan for sending her these divine creatures.

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I, Angelica Pilar Relles, dedicate this ex-voto to the Virgin of Guadalupe because I work as a whore in Merced, and there are robberies, the police, pimps, clients, illnesses in my life, and the Virgin helps me.

January 9, 1979

June 15, 1942, seven o’clock in the evening, the Ruiz sisters, Rosa and Carmen, were coming back home and got scared when a robber with a pistol attacked them in an alley behind the market. They entrusted themselves to the Virgin of San Juan, and thats’ why the robber didn’t kill them. He only took their bags with some money and the missal. The sisters thank because he didn’t hurt them.

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When I got lost, I was attacked. They tried to take my taxi—my only way to earn money after I’d been fired from Ruta 100 (public transport company). I prayed the Angel of Justice, and the attackers suddenly ran away in fear without doing me any harm. I knew it was you, Angel, who scared them away. That’s why I offer this retablo to you, to the protector of all Mexico City’s taxi drivers. It happened in the biggest city in the world—Mexico City.

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Teresa Aguilar thanks Saint Nicholas for the things in her jewelry shop are going well although she caught a couple of robbers lately.

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The Gonzalez family was visiting the town party. When they were coming back home after 9 p.m., they were attacked by robbers. They told the bandits they didn’t have any money. The robbers got even more angry and were treating to kill all the family. The Gonzalez entrusted themselves to the Virgin of San Juan with their hearts, and the attackers let them go without doing any harm.

San Juan de los Lagos
August 28, 1917

Ramon Gutierrez hired a prostitute to tie him up. But one day she robbed him in this mode. She took everything and left him naked. He thanks Saint James with this retablo for she has been caught because she took all his spendings for month.

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I love going to the wrestling. The other night, I was coming back after the performance and I had to pass through a deserted alley. Suddenly a guy acred me and took my bag. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my idol, the wrestler Aztec Warrior was passing by. He heard my scream and ran to help me. He caught the robber, so now I admire him even more.

Lolita Gallardo, Mexico City

Thanks to the Virgin for a great favor.

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