Lord of Sacromonte

Señor del Sacromonte

Josefina Reyes and her son Ramon Reyes dedicate this retablo to the Lord of Sacromonte for granting them with the luck that her son Ramon Reyes survived after being shot by some bandits, who attacked us, when he refused to give them his money. Seeing what a tragedy happened, we implored you to deliver him from death, and, by a miracle, the bandits went away, and I was able to save my son’s life. I offer this retablo for that.

Tlaxcala, 1931

Retablo by

My dear Christ of the Sacromonte always helps me when I’m in trouble with my wife’s family.

Tired from constant abuses and humiliation from the owners of the weaving factories in Rio Blanco, who, felt protected by the regime of don Porfirio Diaz, had forced us to slave labour for a scanty pittance, we went on strike for our rights to dignity and justice. Not far away from the factory, we were caught and repressed. They started to chase and catch us. On that tragic day, January 7, 1907, hundreds of our workers companions, with the wives and the children, were murdered on the streets of Orisaba, Veracruz, by the three cavalry battalions commanded by the general Rosalio Martinez. I give thanks to the Lord of Sacromonte because I managed to escape and hide myself in Amecameca, Puebla, from where I thank you now.